September 8, 2022

Jordana asks “Is It Worth It Now?” on new single

Jordana is only a few months removed from her new album Face The Wall, but the twenty-two year old songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist never sleeps and is, unsurprisingly, already back with more. “Is It Worth It Now” is everywhere today – all fading stars, whirring synths & guitars and relationship scars, the kind of song that borrows a bit of plucky charm from Something To Say To You’s laid back indie rock and marries it with Face The Wall’s heartbreak pop. “It’s a song I wrote about taking control of your life mentally and emotionally,” says Jordana. “About questioning decisions and leaving self-pity and excuses behind.”

The new music also comes amidst a seemingly non-stop slate of live shows. Tours with Local Natives and Wallows are already in the books. Later this month she’ll hit Firefly , before she heads back out on the road with Remi Wolf in October and over to the UK & Europe in November for Pitchfork London and Paris. Tickets for all announced dates over in our tour section.

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May 20, 2022

Jordana releases Face The Wall, celebrates with “Go Slow” music video

Face The Wall is finally here. Today you get to hear what we’ve been listening to for months: Jordana firing on every cylinders, then inventing new ones to fire even harder on. An astonishingly self-assured record of sugar-high indie rock and dreamy alt-pop. Ten tracks buoyed by that insanely perfect voice. Seriously, it’s a special album from such a special human. Stream it. Buy it on vinyl. Go see her live. Throw all the money in your wallet at her, because there isn’t a person who deserves it more or a record more worthy of your support.

Earlier this week she unveiled the final pre-release music video from the album, for the single “Go Slow.” Like “Pressure Point” before it, this one was directed by video wizard Luke Orlando. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, Jordana is currently out on the road supporting Wallows. She’ll be headlining in June with Harry Teardrop, before heading back out this fall with Remi Wolf. There are some other pretty big live looks to announce next month, but in the meantime, tickets for her current dates are available in our tour section.

Happy Jordana Day!


April 12, 2022

“To The Ground,” Jordana’s ode to square one, is out now

Jordana is back with another teaser from May 20th’s Face The Wall. The latest single, To The Ground,” is about starting over. “It’s about being alone and starting from square one, not knowing how and where to start, a venture into adulthood,” Jordana explains. “With the path to growing up, it’s wanting to not ask for any help on any growth to feel accomplished and self brought up, emotionally and physically. The only help being asked for in this song is to be stripped completely and figuratively thrown to the ground to get back up.” Check out the  Thomas Lange-directed video above. 

Last month, Jordana added to her already-busy touring schedule with a run of support dates along side Remi Wolf. Those will take place in October, while her previously announced run with Wallows kicks off in about a month, before she heads out for US headline shows with Harry Teardrop in tow. All dates over in the tour section.

Pre-orders of the album are available below.


March 9, 2022

Jordana’s “Pressure Point” single & music video out now

You’ve already heard “Catch My Drift,” the first teaser from Jordana‘s May 20th full-length Face The Wall. Today she’s back with “Pressure Point,” a spare pop song a la Charli XCX or Caroline Polacheck, featuring a spindly guitar beneath an electronic drumbeat, as Jordana narrates her way out of a panic attack. Written with Cameron Hale, who Jordana co-produced the album with, and MICHELLE’s Charlie Kilgore, “‘Pressure Point’ is about acknowledging limits and knowing when it’s time to stop,” says Jordana. “The entirety of Pressure Point is talking yourself out of an anxiety attack. It’s a personal song about smoking weed and becoming too anxious to function normally — overthinking every inch of your surroundings and everything going on in your head all at once.” Watch the Luke Orlando-directed (Orville Peck, Magdalena Bay) video above.

And don’t forget to check the tour section for all of her dates, supporting Wallows in May, headlining across the US with Harry Teardrop in June, and hitting her first festival at Firefly in July.

Face The Wall is available for pre-order across a ton of different formats now.


February 7, 2022

Jordana announces debut studio album and headline tour, releases new single “Catch My Drift”

Today Jordana returns with details on her debut studio album, Face The Wall. It comes on the heels of 2020’s collaborative TV Girl EP, which itself followed her twin EPs Something To Say & To You, and her bedroom pop introduction Classical Notions of Happiness. Produced by Cameron Hale (Claud, Khalid), and mixed by Miro Mackie (Wallows, St Vincent, The Neighborhood), it’s a ten-song collection of indie rock romps, pop punk freak outs, & understated balladry. It reminds us of The Cure & That Dog & Warped Tour 2006 & Ashlee Simpson & The Strokes & makes us feel exactly the way we felt when we first heard each of those things.

To celebrate the announcement, Jordana has released a single & music video for the track “Catch My Drift.” It’s a six-string sugar high that practically demands the  carefree studio video shot by Tess Lafia. In it, there are four Jordana’s, each manning an instrument: the suspiciously five o’clock shadowed Jordan on drums, the moody Dana on bass, the vest-obsessed only child Jo on guitar, and an Envy Adams-adoring frontwoman in Jordy.

The album will be available digitally and on LP, CD & limited edition cassette. You can get a white & purple swirl version of the 12″ exclusively on Bandcamp, a pink & green swirl version at Vinyl Me Please (live tomorrow, February 9th with their next store drop), and a clear version at your local record shop. Links to pre-order each version are below.

In other news, Jordana will hit the road later this year. First she opens up a run for Wallows in May, before embarking on a headline run with Harry Teardrop in June. Dates listed below. Tickets in our tour section on Friday.

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October 14, 2021

Jordana surprise releases collab EP with TV Girl

To celebrate the launch of their entirely sold-out US tour, Jordana and LA-based TV Girl have surprise-released a collaborative EP entitled Summer’s Over. Across its seven songs, the pair mesh TV Girl’s hypnotic, sample-heavy production aesthetic with Jordana’s plaintive-yet-playful vocal to form the perfect ode to the turning of the seasons, and the perfect celebration of their epic trek across America. Tour dates HERE


May 7, 2021

Jordana announces tour dates, real life actual tour dates

We re-released Jordana’s sleeper debut Classical Notions of Happiness in March of 2020. Know what else happened in March of 2020? The whole world ground to a halt. Obviously that didn’t slow Jordana’s creative output down – she dropped a pair of EPs and combined them into Something To Say To You, a 12″ that earned her Best of 2020 or Looking Forward to 2021 list spots at Stereogum, Paste, NME, Pigeons & Planes and more. It’s hard to believe that touring hasn’t been a thing basically since we started working together. So it’s sort of surreal to type these words:

Jordana is going on tour.

Should we type them again? Jordana is going on tour. Still weird, but undeniably true. This morning TV Girl announced a masssssssive run of dates which will all include an acoustic set from Jordana. Poster for the tour is below. Tickets are available here.


April 21, 2021

Jordana & Magdalena Bay collab on electro pop head-spinner “Push Me Away”

On “Push Me Away” — out everywhere today — Jordana joins forces with Mica Tanenbaum of simulation-dwelling synth pop duo Magdalena Bay. Their styles mesh perfectly on a song that’s essentially a runaway freight train of electro pop with a few detours into aughts-indebted guitar skuzz. The video, shot and edited by Tanenbaum out in LA, is all cyberpunk bathroom graffiti and laser-obsessed early 90s ephemera. So, in a word, perfect.

“Push Me Away” is the latest single to emerge on the heels of last year’s Something To Say To You, a record which landed Jordana on Best New Artist lists at Stereogum, Paste, NME, Pigeons & Planes and more. The song was produced by Jai Wolf and MELVV, with single artwork designed by Julia Fletcher, below.

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March 1, 2021

Jordana & Ryan Woods release collaborative single “Doubt of Revival”

It’s only been a few months since the release of Jordana’s Something To Say To You 12”, but since then she’s moved to New York (we’re neighbors now!) and gone straight to work – seriously the amount of incredible Jordana songs that are in the works is sort of insane. Speaking of, today she’s back with “Doubt of Revival,” a new collaborative single featuring Ryan Woods, an LA based pop outlier who appears courtesy of East West Records. On “Doubt of Revival” Jordana mixes the R&B influences that permeated moments of her most recent record with the crunchy guitars and aughts indie-rock influences of her earlier singles into a hybrid that is as immediate and fresh as it is nostalgic and cozy. As with her early bedroom recordings Jordana is able to sing about paralyzing and agonizing moments with an ease and grace that she brings to every aspect of her art and self. “Doubt of Revival” is an infinitely replayable song soundtracking the uneasiness of modernity without ever succumbing to it.

“Doubt of Revival” is a song written about the obsessive thoughts that have haunted me from past decisions and my internal struggle with the uncertainty of being able to grow from these decisions and experiences,” says Jordana. “Fitting enough, given the current state of the world, this song was made over Zoom! I am definitely wary about Zoom sessions, because I can’t help but goof off, seemingly most of the time! But working with [producer] Cameron Hale and Ryan was a blast and extremely rewarding considering how happy I am with the song we were able to make remotely.”

“Doubt of Revival” was produced by Cameron Hale (Claud, Khalid) and mixed by Billy Lemos (Still Woozy, Overcoats). The single artwork was designed by Julia Fletcher, while the YouTube visuals were created by Tall Glass With Ice. The visuals were inspired by Fletcher’s art and created using a series of actual screenprints of both Jordana & Ryan to animate the images to life. A handful of those hand-numbered screenprints were sent to fans in advance of the single’s release and have started to crop up across social media.

More from Jordana soon.


December 4, 2020

Jordana drops “Reason” music video to celebrate release of new LP Something To Say To You

It’s been quite the year for Jordana. In March we re-issued her sleeper debut Classical Notions of Happiness. Then the world abruptly fell apart. Using the time she would have spent touring in support of the album (seriously, there were like 60 dates!), she quickly turned around a batch of new material that radically expanded on the homespun bedroom pop of her debut.  The result is today’s Something To Say To You, a piece of music meant to be consumed as a whole or as two distinct sections: Something to Say, which was released in July, and the thought-completing To You, which arrives alongside the full album.

“These EP’s have two different atmospheres,” Jordana recently told Our Culture, in an artist spotlight feature, “where Something To Say is more vague and To You is more direct, but when they all come together, the atmospheres collide, with different emotions in a matter of minutes, throughout the album, with all of the different genres we touch.”

Earlier this week she teased the record with one final single, “Reason.” The track follows in the footsteps of “I Guess This Is Life,” sprinkling piano on top of a perfect bass lines, only this time around swapping out the uke-led springiness for a more methodical beat. “It’s is a song of realization,” says Jordana. “How you can find worth and happiness in life just by showing love and compassion through simple gestures and being present in the moment.” The video, directed by the incredibly talented Ethan Nelson, is a moment worth being present in.

When Lauren Laverne spun “I Guess This Is Life” on 6 Music earlier this Fall, her description of the track summarized exactly why we feel so hard for Jordana’s music in the first place: “Lovely, gentle, exploratory, contemplative, tongue in cheek and funny – something really kind of youthful and beautiful about this.” Exactly! Jordana doesn’t write songs that make the listener feel young, she writes songs that make you feel like being old doesn’t – or couldn’t – exist. Something To Say To You, out digitally today and on vinyl Jan 22nd, is her second record. From those sun-drenched piano notes on “Life,” to the Beta Band baiting vibes of “Reason,” to the high temp kissoff of “F*** You,” the album overflows with exuberance. We’re lucky to be delivering this music to you today.

While Something to Say To You is out digitally now, the LP won’t be available until January 22nd. In the meantime, you can pre-order a copy over in our shop, or on exclusive limited edition light blue vinyl via Bandcamp now.