June 17, 2024

Jordana returns with “We Get By”

“I don’t think I’ll ever settle on a specific sound. I’m just a chameleon.”

True words from our very own Jordana Nye. So it should come as no surprise that her thrilling new Emmett Kai-produced single, “We Get By,” is a rollicking golden folk epic sprinkled with shimmering yacht rock glitter. The standalone left-turn seemingly ushers in a new Laurel Canyon era for Jordana, who in between tours with Local Natives, Remi Wolf, TV Girl & Wallows, has been working on material with Kai since 2023. The Otium-directed video is a delight, cycling through vignettes of a day in the life of our violin-playing protagonist.

There’ll be more to share soon. Stay tuned.


October 17, 2023

Jordana set to support TV Girl on upcoming sold out tour

She’s still in the midst of an incredible sold out tour with Dev Lemons, but today Jordana announced that she’ll be joining the one and only TV Girl for their sold out winter run later this year. It marks the second time Jordana has embarked on a tour with the band, the last one resulting in everyone’s favorite collaborative EP, Summer’s Over.

Remaining copies of that freshly-two-year-old 12″ are dwindling fast (snap yours here), so keep your eyes peeled for an update on when and where you might be able to get more.

Full list of dates below.


September 15, 2023

Jordana collaborates with Yot Club on new single “Safe House”

Jordana befriended Ryan from Yot Club on Soundcloud a few years back, and they’ve been working on this song ever since. “Safe House” is the result and it’s a hazy, low key afair, available everywhere today.

In other news, Jordana hits the road with Dev Lemons later on this month and the dates are selling fast. Be careful. Grab tickets in our tour section or miss out.


May 30, 2023

Jordana releases Coldplay cover, announces Fall Tour

“Sparks” has been a live staple for Jordana for a while. Anyone who saw her 2021 tour with TV Girl, likely saw her silence rooms with this one late in her set. So to celebrate another upcoming tour (announcing today – details below!), she’s released a studio version of the track. Listen above, or wherever you get music.

Now about that tour: Jordana will be hitting the road this Fall with rising indie pop rebel Dev Lemons. Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am local – you can snag them in our tour section. Flyer below.


February 14, 2023

Jordana & Inner Wave release collaborative single “Baby”

Jordana & Inner Wave are hitting the road later this week. But it would seem 20 dates just wasn’t enough for them. That’s right, today they’ve come together with a little Valentine’s love letter called “Baby.” A gooey psych-pop duet of the sweetest variety.

Get it wherever you stream your music now. All dates in the tour section and listed below.


November 7, 2022

Jordana’s “Your In The Way” arrives to celebrate new EP, I’m Doing Well Thanks For Asking, out now

Jordana’s new EP I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking is out now. It’s the kind of confidence check EP that manages to pull from everything that came before it, while finding out how to improve upon all the elements that made Jordana so endearing in the first place. If you liked the dreaminess of the TV Girl collab EP Summer’s Over, it’s here. If you liked the more softly bittersweet moments of Something To Say To You, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re chasing the overt pop of Face The Wall, yep, present.

Following the previously released “Is It Worth It Now?” and “SYT” comes “You’re In The Way.” On this single, Jordana recalls the leathery indie pop she explored on Something To Say To You, with a track that is built around a simple drum loop, guitar strums and her impeccable voice. Like much of the EP the subject matter centers on self-discovery in the wake of change. “It’s about getting to know yourself again after seemingly wasting time investing in someone else,” she explains. Listen to the song and watch its The Valdez-directed video above.

Fresh off her Remi Wolf support dates, Jordana is in the middle of her first ever ex-US tour, hitting Pitchfork London last night and Paris later this week, with a few headlines & a Rough Trade instore for good measure. Tickets for all available in our tour section.


October 4, 2022

Jordana’s new EP, I’m Doing Well Thanks For Asking, is coming in November

On her new EP, I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking, Jordana is getting to know herself again. Or more accurately: getting to know her selves. It’s fair to say the 22-year-old New York songwriter has shifted shape a few times in her short career. She got her start with homespun indie folk on Classical Notions of Happiness before jumping to the spindly bedroom pop of Something To Say To You. A year later, she was veering into the dreamy haze of her TV Girl collaboration Summer’s Over, before eventually giving way to the hi-gloss pop of Face The Wall. It’s the kind of omnivorous output the phrase something for everyone was invented for.

Today she unveils the impossibly massive lead single “SYT,” along with a Graham Epstein music video, which you can watch below.

Along the way she’s managed to make fans of Wallows & Local Natives, who’ve each taken her on the road in 2022, landing her in front of crowds that number in the thousands. Today she adds Remi Wolf to the list, as their run of dates together kicks off. Tickets would be available over in the tour section, but this on is pretty much sold out across the board!

PS: Yesterday was Ducky’s third birthday. Everybody say happy belated birthday to that adorable lil guy in the front page photo.


September 8, 2022

Jordana asks “Is It Worth It Now?” on new single

Jordana is only a few months removed from her new album Face The Wall, but the twenty-two year old songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist never sleeps and is, unsurprisingly, already back with more. “Is It Worth It Now” is everywhere today – all fading stars, whirring synths & guitars and relationship scars, the kind of song that borrows a bit of plucky charm from Something To Say To You’s laid back indie rock and marries it with Face The Wall’s heartbreak pop. “It’s a song I wrote about taking control of your life mentally and emotionally,” says Jordana. “About questioning decisions and leaving self-pity and excuses behind.”

The new music also comes amidst a seemingly non-stop slate of live shows. Tours with Local Natives and Wallows are already in the books. Later this month she’ll hit Firefly , before she heads back out on the road with Remi Wolf in October and over to the UK & Europe in November for Pitchfork London and Paris. Tickets for all announced dates over in our tour section.

More soon.


May 20, 2022

Jordana releases Face The Wall, celebrates with “Go Slow” music video

Face The Wall is finally here. Today you get to hear what we’ve been listening to for months: Jordana firing on every cylinders, then inventing new ones to fire even harder on. An astonishingly self-assured record of sugar-high indie rock and dreamy alt-pop. Ten tracks buoyed by that insanely perfect voice. Seriously, it’s a special album from such a special human. Stream it. Buy it on vinyl. Go see her live. Throw all the money in your wallet at her, because there isn’t a person who deserves it more or a record more worthy of your support.

Earlier this week she unveiled the final pre-release music video from the album, for the single “Go Slow.” Like “Pressure Point” before it, this one was directed by video wizard Luke Orlando. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, Jordana is currently out on the road supporting Wallows. She’ll be headlining in June with Harry Teardrop, before heading back out this fall with Remi Wolf. There are some other pretty big live looks to announce next month, but in the meantime, tickets for her current dates are available in our tour section.

Happy Jordana Day!


April 12, 2022

“To The Ground,” Jordana’s ode to square one, is out now

Jordana is back with another teaser from May 20th’s Face The Wall. The latest single, To The Ground,” is about starting over. “It’s about being alone and starting from square one, not knowing how and where to start, a venture into adulthood,” Jordana explains. “With the path to growing up, it’s wanting to not ask for any help on any growth to feel accomplished and self brought up, emotionally and physically. The only help being asked for in this song is to be stripped completely and figuratively thrown to the ground to get back up.” Check out the  Thomas Lange-directed video above. 

Last month, Jordana added to her already-busy touring schedule with a run of support dates along side Remi Wolf. Those will take place in October, while her previously announced run with Wallows kicks off in about a month, before she heads out for US headline shows with Harry Teardrop in tow. All dates over in the tour section.

Pre-orders of the album are available below.