September 27, 2022

Samia announces new album, Honey, releases lead single & music video, “Kill Her Freak Out”

Honey, the new album from Samia, is coming January 27th, 2023.

Recorded in the woods of North Carolina with her dearest friends, it’s a celebration of community, the dreams that tether us together & the lenses through which we view the world. It’s a more self-assured and bold step beyond the coming of age stories of The Baby & Scout. Downright intimidating in its confidence. And we can’t wait for you to hear it.

The first single was released today. “Kill Her Freak Out” is an instant-add to a canon including tearjerkers like “Milk,” “Pool,” & “Django.” It’s a song from the end of a rope, Samia at her most musically spare and lyrically exasperated. The music video, embedded above, was directed alongside Muriel Margaret and features Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, Lucas Hedges.

Pre-orders for the album are available now. Honey features two distinct sequences – one for continuous play on digital & CD and one for a side break listening experience on vinyl and cassette. The vinyl features its own unique mix and master tailored to the LP experience, while the album will also be available on Apple Music & other retailers in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio.

The first pressing of the standard edition 12″ comes on honey yellow vinyl. Deluxe edition 180g gatefold copies of the record are available on pink & black swirl at Samia’s webstore and Bandcamp — each comes with a limited edition flexi disc of Samia covering “Country” by Porches. Meanwhile, indie record shops are carrying a translucent blue version of the album, and Rough Trade US & UK has a limited edition magenta LP — both including a limited edition flexi disc of Samia covering Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps.” The album is also available on cassette and CD with a 16 page lyric booklet.  

Digital & CD Tracklist:
01 Kill Her Freak Out
02 Charm You
03 Pink Balloon
04 Mad At Me
05 Sea Lions
06 To Me It Was
07 Breathing Song
08 Honey
09 Nanana
10 Amelia
11 Dream Song

Vinyl & Cassette Tracklist:
A1 Kill Her Freak Out
A2 Charm You
A3 Pink Balloon
A4 Mad At Me
A5 Sea Lions
A6 Amelia
B1 Breathing Song
B2 Honey
B3 Nanana
B4 To Me It Was
B5 Dream Song

Last but certainly not least, Samia has announced a massive US tour set to kick off in February of next year. Support across the run comes from Tommy Lefroy. The dates arrive only a few short months after Samia supports Maggie Rogers across Europe & the UK in November, also stopping for a sold-out headline show in London at XOYO and an appearance alongside Courtney Barnett at Roundhouse for Pitchfork London.


September 22, 2022

TOLEDO debut album, How It Ends, out now

How It Ends, the debut record from TOLEDO, is officially out. An album of reflection, self-doubt, perseverance & exasperation. A real *life* record, about how our parents fail us, how we fail ourselves, and how, through that failing, we find a way forward.

Fittingly the release-week saw the drop of a video for the title-track. Don’t let the upbeat folk-rock vibe of “How It Ends” fool you — this song is about to have a nervous breakdown. Or at least get some therapy. Like much of the debut album from TOLEDO, the title track reckons with how our relationships with our parents impact who we are today. It asks the question, are we doomed to repeat their mistakes, or can we be better because of them?

Watching my mother struggle in love, it planted a seed deep down that keeps me afraid of love and hesitant about marriage,” says Jordan about the song. “Even when things are going so well, there’s a looming tension in the back of my brain that suggests everything is going to fall apart eventually. How do you navigate love and relationships when you don’t have a clear example to follow? Is this the curse your parents leave you with?”

Physical copies available over on our Bandcamp right now.


Crooks & Nannies

September 13, 2022

Welcome Crooks & Nannies, the latest members of the Grand Jury family

We came across Crooks & Nannies for the first time earlier this year. The sound we heard was tricky to describe. We found ourselves grasping for reference points that felt incongruous: Tigers Jaw, Big Thief, Amanda Palmer, Andrew Bird, Hop Along. Emotive, theatrical, playful, vulnerable – basically every adjective you could ask for in a new favorite band. All the while, there was a bravery in the songwriting that felt mischievous. Songs started and there was no telling where they’d end up. It’s the kind of musical chemistry that usually only happens when the players are, like this West Philly duo of Madel Rafter and Sam Huntington, friends since childhood. It’s a language all their own.

And today we are honored to say we’re going to have a small part in translating the language for the masses. “control” is our first single with the band – thankfully the first of many, as there’s plenty more to come.

“I wrote “control” in 2017 while struggling with consistent intrusive thoughts,” says Rafter. “I wanted to capture the feeling of walking through an art museum and holding all of your muscles tightly because if you don’t, you might give into some crazy impulse and do something really really bad, like pull a painting off the wall and put your foot through it. The lyrics talk about wearing a mask for the world to conceal internal negative thoughts, and worrying about being ‘bad to the bone’ and ugly inside. On the facade, the song feels humorous, but I often use humor as a way to soften the blow of darker sentiments. Sonically, we took an approach that feels almost sing-songy at the top, but gets progressively more chaotic, fast, and emotionally blown out as the song progresses.”

Later this month the band embarks on a tour with Lucy Dacus. It kicks off in their hometown of Philly at Franklin Music Hall, a venue that’s more than 10x the size of their last hometown show at PhilaMOCA. But something tells us big audiences and big rooms aren’t going to pose much of a problem for Crooks.

Dates below. More soon.


Rubblebucket’s “Cherry Blossom” arrives today

Rubblebucket are back with the latest single from Earth Worship, the new album we announced last month. “Cherry Blossom” splits the difference between the bouncey pomp of “Morning In The Sun” and the locked groove of the title track: think the impossible genre of “country-disco”. Its video works in a similar way, marrying the homespun dance moves of “Morning” with the trippy adventure of “Earth Worship.” But with 100% more killer bugs.

“This bright breezy happy go lucky number is a simple love song that suggests the ineffable union of flowers and sunlight reaching for eachother, challenging each other, making meaning of each other,” says Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver. “We are guided to a place where lovers hold hands and run down lanes, pausing to pull out their magnifying lenses and inspect insects on the greenery they pass. In the bridge the repeated phrase “I know what’s underneath” (referring to passers by “with their masks on”) points to an playfulness and vulnerability the main characters share, perhaps aided by the lushness of their environment, but the line also sharpens an edge: what are the ways in which we hide ourselves from the world? And alternately, what are the ways in which we use masks to tell important stories that aid in our survival and evolution.”

This morning, the band also announced a handful of winter dates, “December Soirees,” on sale this Friday. Rest assured, there will be additional live shows on the horizon beyond this list soon.

Stay tuned.


September 8, 2022

Jordana asks “Is It Worth It Now?” on new single

Jordana is only a few months removed from her new album Face The Wall, but the twenty-two year old songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist never sleeps and is, unsurprisingly, already back with more. “Is It Worth It Now” is everywhere today – all fading stars, whirring synths & guitars and relationship scars, the kind of song that borrows a bit of plucky charm from Something To Say To You’s laid back indie rock and marries it with Face The Wall’s heartbreak pop. “It’s a song I wrote about taking control of your life mentally and emotionally,” says Jordana. “About questioning decisions and leaving self-pity and excuses behind.”

The new music also comes amidst a seemingly non-stop slate of live shows. Tours with Local Natives and Wallows are already in the books. Later this month she’ll hit Firefly , before she heads back out on the road with Remi Wolf in October and over to the UK & Europe in November for Pitchfork London and Paris. Tickets for all announced dates over in our tour section.

More soon.

Native Sun

September 1, 2022

Native Sun announce Off With Our Heads EP with new single “There’s Revolution”

Today Native Sun have announced their forthcoming EP, Off With Our Heads, set for release on October 14th. A six-song rumination on the state of the world, a love letter to downtown New York, and a surprising mixture of garage rock, stoner breakdowns, and Gallagher Brother bombast. It was produced by NYC rock royalty Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, etc.), engineered by Jeremy Snyder (Fontaines, IDLES), and comes with a classic newspaper-inspired package courtesy of POND Creative. Available to pre-order now on Bandcamp on limited edition 12″ (shipping late Feb 2023), cassette, or in a bundle including a poster, pins & stickers.

The announcement is paired with the release of a music video for new single “There’s Revolution.” Shot by the band’s longtime visual collaborator Kevin Condon, it’s a statement visual that finds the band delivering an incredible performance in a church where throngs of fans are more engrossed by the TV feed. The single follows “Sister,” which was released earlier this year.

Charlie Martin

August 29, 2022

Charlie Martin reimagines Imaginary People standouts on the piano

Charlie Martin, one half of our very own Hovvdy, is set to release a deluxe edition of his 2021 debut solo album, Imaginary People, featuring 4 alternate piano versions of songs from the record. You’ll have to wait until October 7th for the full release (available digitally, on CD & cassette), but today, Martin shares “Swirl (Piano Version),” which stopped us in our tracks the first time we heard it.

“Piano was the first instrument I ever learned, but it still kinda scares me,” says Charlie. “Certain pianos sound so beautiful it’s hard to even approach them with a voice; and the one I recorded for Imaginary People is like that — this pristine Steinway from the 1930s — probably the most amazing instrument I’ve ever touched. When I found myself in Mississippi for the summer, where the piano lives, I immediately started on these new versions. So many of the songs on Imaginary People (like ‘Daisy’ and ‘June’) I wrote on piano, so it was exciting to focus on the heart of it, just piano and melody. And for other songs (like ‘Swirl’ and ‘Madison’) it was a joy to reimagine them entirely.”

Charlie has also announced a fall tour with Ichiko Aoba and is currently on tour with Teethe. All dates over in our tour section now.


August 13, 2022

TOLEDO hate your guts right now on new single “Flake”

Today TOLEDO share another pair of new singles: “Flake,” a devastating ode to broken homes and hating guts, and  an instrumental Hanukah love letter called “What Happened To The Menorah?” “Flake”, like any good song about deadbeat dads, hits its climax as TOLEDO harmonizes on the heartbreaking, empowering line; “I fucking hate your guts right now.” The new single traces the path to finding yourself from beneath the weight of generational trauma.

Of “Flake”, TOLEDO says; “It’s one step forward, two steps back. Sometimes when you feel like you’re heading in the right direction, you slip up and fall back into old habits. You only have yourself to blame, but aren’t your parents to blame for how you end up? It’s really a fuck you to myself and my dad. Our legacy of shit. Sonically it’s Barenaked Ladies meets Fleetwood Mac. And that’s Twitch live streamer Dakotaz in the opening of the song! Accidentally caught in the recording crossfire.”

The video for the song continues the narrative that began on “Climber,” with our pool protagonist returning with his family. And the accompanying visualizer for “Menorah” also takes place int he same universe as the more narratively-driven videos for How it Ends.


August 8, 2022

Rubblebucket’s new album Earth Worship coming October 21st

There’s a moment on every Rubblebucket record where you realize you’ve been invited to the best, weirdest, sweatiest, most joyful party in the world.

On their new album, Earth Worship, that moment comes as soon as the opening line hits: “I’ve been coming a thousand years / you could call me the endless fuck.” With their latest record, there’s a renewed shimmer on top of what Alex & Kal are doing, showcasing Rubblebucket’s intricately sparkling beats, hushed-yet-hooky vocals, and irresistible melodic complexity. Ultimately the album is a celebration of togetherness, environmental curiosity, and the pleasure in doing what you love. And it’s just an impossible amount of fun. Its announcement arrives today with a music video for the aforementioned album-opening title track “Earth Worship,” directed by Haoyan of America. Watch it above.

The record, which also features June’s “Morning In the Sun,” isn’t out until October 21st but is available to pre-order now. You can get it on limited edition Blue Swirl vinyl over at the band’s webstore or our Bandcamp. If pink is more your bag, you can find a copy in your local record store. Options, options, options below.

In other news, while additional touring will be unveiled soon, the band has announced a special NYC release party at Public Records in Brooklyn on November 2nd. A very cool, but very small space, this one will sell out fast. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am ET. Snooze at your own risk.


July 18, 2022

TOLEDO announce debut album How It Ends

How It Ends is the debut album from TOLEDO. They made it themselves. We’re simply honored to say it has our little name on it.

You might have discovered the Brooklyn duo back in 2021 on the strength of their Jockeys of Love EP like us, or you may have first encountered them when we released “L-Train” last month. Either way, today Dan & Jordan have released a duo of songs from the record: the chiming 90s folk rock of “Climber” & the moody come-down of “Leopard Skin.” The video for “Climber,” a nervy day beside the pool for a kid with a lot on his mind, also arrives today. It was directed by Matt Hixon, who Grand Jury fans might remember as the mind behind Samia’s mind-bender “Waverly.”

You can pre-order the album starting immediately. It’s available on solid ivory vinyl at Bandcamp or Rough Trade (US, UK). Or you can get it on coke bottle clear at your local record shop. Standard editions, CDs and a small run of cassettes are available at Bandcamp or wherever you buy your music.