May 11, 2024

Grand Jury turns 10, Samia celebrates with Twin Peaks cover

This year marks 10 years in business for Grand Jury Music.

For seven of those years, Samia has been releasing music via our little record label. To celebrate the anniversary, we’ve asked a few artists new and old across the roster to cover their favorite songs from the catalog.

When approached, Samia immediately selected “Making Breakfast” from Twin Peaks’ touchstone 2014 release, Wild Onion. It was the first release on Grand Jury, and officially turns 10 this August.

“Wild Onion was like a lightning strike of a record,” says Samia. “And Making Breakfast is just a perfectly-written song, painfully simple and effortlessly cool…I hope we did it justice.”

There’ll be more decade-capping celebrations to come later this year. In the meantime, catch Samia on the road opening for Bleachers beginning later this week.