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Recent Release: No Fun EP
Recent News: Crooks & Nannies release No Fun EP




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Daniel @ Lucky Bird



Crooks & Nannies is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalists and friends since high school. Their signature blend of brash, confessional indie rock functions on extremes. Alternating between painfully tender and jarringly obtuse, the childhood friends fashion themes of growth, loss, and transformation into off-kilter pop songs that whirr with the unpredictability of a failing engine. Thematically, their songs tackle experiences with gender dysphoria, transitioning, anxiety, and finding a place as a 20-something in a world that feels utterly hostile. That search spills over into the music, too, a playground where each song’s center of gravity seems unpredictable and fluid. Musically the duo slams against the contours of modern emo & 90s college rock, toying with tropes of country songwriting while threading through elements of electronic music & avant-pop. In less capable hands, the amalgam could be dizzying. Here, Rafter & Huntington are in complete control.

Crooks & Nannies

January 13, 2023

Crooks & Nannies release No Fun EP

EP release show this weekend in Philly with Empath & Another Michael.

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