July 25, 2023

Crooks & Nannies unveil “Country Bar” single

Crooks & Nannies return today with “Country Bar,” the third pre-release single from their new record Real Life, which arrives August 25th. The new track builds around a frantic acoustic guitar strum, and as Stereogum says “merges a confessional singer-songwriter approach with the trappings of artsy indie rock, veering from straight-ahead guitars to grand detonations to sparse intimacy and back around to a louder, mildly twangy conclusion.”

Of the song, Max Rafter shares:

“I started to write this song during a budding romance. There were so many secret unspoken feelings. It felt exciting, and I wanted more. I could only meet them as far as they were willing to go. I thought that if I put in enough work, things would click into place. I thought if I wanted something hard enough, there was no reason it couldn’t happen. It’s about being blinded by love, zoomed in, and hopeful. Knowing it won’t work but trying so hard anyway.

I’ve always been a person who wants to fix relationships that aren’t working rather than walk away, at times to my own detriment. “Country Bar” hits on those themes, looking with rose colored glasses at a relationship.”

Last month the band announced a run of tour dates around the album’s release. Flyer below, tickets available in our tour section now.