April 23, 2024

NEW SIGNING: dog eyes

We try to listen to every demo submission we ever get. But over the past ten years, we’ve never signed a band out of the info@grandjurymusic.com pile. Until now.

Today we couldn’t be happier that we opened the email from Oakland’s dog eyes – the lo-fi duo of Davis Leach and Hailey Firstman. Their first Grand Jury single, which follows their 2022 debut album a good proper send off, is the playfully off-kilter “fair.” It’s anchored by a hooky bassline and a warbly acoustic guitar jangle in the verses, but kicks into a beautiful second gear with choruses of ethereal twee that find the middle ground between K Records and Slumberland, coordinates on the musical map we’d never really thought to visit before.

Paste premiered the song & video above this morning, calling the song “a green-as-grass folk track with cosmic vocal harmonies that sound like acid-covered flannel shirts come alive. It’s a truly delightful sound to behold, as dog eyes reckon with a relationships and friendships now-separated but, in the eyes of hope, never fully surrendered.”

We’ll have plenty more from dog eyes soon. For now, enjoy!