Elliot Moss

July 14, 2020

Elliot Moss releases “I Heard!” single & music video

Elliot Moss today shared his hypnotic new single “I Heard” alongside its cinematic video. Filmed over six days during quarantine in Moss’ New York home, the making of the clip was a remarkable feat: director Matt Genesis supervised the entire shoot from Minne3apolis over video calls, controlling the cameras by remote control, and Moss—with an assist from his father—handling all the gear onsite. The impressive result is a painstakingly crafted, surrealist look at life inside. 

“‘I Heard’ is about being trapped by the idea of happiness. That there’s always something better for you, but you don’t know how to get it. Or can’t get it right now,” explains Moss. “I thought the song was done and we even had a video in the works. But as quarantine started up, being physically trapped squeezed out the last of the idea, sort of the final straw. Something about longing for the things that I didn’t realize were making me happy helped me to recalibrate what life might feel like when it returns to normal.”

Genesis details further: “We wanted to figure out a way to make this to the best of our abilities, not just the best for the circumstance. It wouldn’t have been as creatively fulfilling if we didn’t approach the project in the way that we did. That meant mailing a serious amount of gear, learning new skills, and not letting a problem get in the way of our enthusiasm. I think one of the most impressive aspects was how Elliot and his father stepped up and learned new skills on the fly in order to make this happen. We had to fully develop every shot and articulate every detail in order to get the result we were looking for. This meant 120-plus storyboards and taking photos of every frame beforehand so we could problem solve and get on the same page.”

After a lengthy hiatus between the release of 2017’s Boomerang and A Change In Diet, Elliot has remained incredibly busy throughout 2020.  The new single & video follow both ACID and the Live Blackbox Recordings, released earlier this year. Expect even more new music later this fall.


Elliot Moss

June 26, 2020

Elliot Moss releases audio & video Live Blackbox Recordings

Today Elliot Moss has released A Change In Diet – Live Blackbox Recordings, a visual and audio reimagining of his recent album A Change In Diet. The collection was documented in the Blackbox at the State University of New York at t Purchase, and features sweeping string arrangements courtesy of Alba S Toreemocha, renditions of songs from behind a grand piano, and a full compliment of musicians helping Elliot bring A Change In Diet to life in a striking new way.

‘The arrangements are bigger, and bolder,” says Moss. “And the instrumentation involves my entire musical family. I am so honored to share my original vision bolstered by those that I love,” explains Moss. “This version of ‘Barricade’ is accompanied by a string arrangement I wrote with my friend Alba. It stands taller, and more confidently, and effortlessly contains the emotions that inspired the tune. More so for me than the original. Because it contains the enthusiasm and power of the musicians who inspire me.”


Elliot Moss

April 23, 2020

Elliot Moss announces live visual album set for June release

Elliot Moss today announced his new album A Change In Diet – Live Blackbox Recordings is due June 19th. Captured on both video and audio at the State University of New York at Purchase, the collection is a live reinterpretation of his most recent record, lending songs an additional warmth and organic feel, featuring lush, expanded instrumentation including grand piano highlights, as well as string arrangements by Alba S. Torremocha. Preview the projects scope in the evocative, sweeping version of “Barricade (Live Blackbox Recording)” up above, or at the streaming service of your choice.

“Blackbox Recordings is a reimagining of the studio version of A Change In Diet. The arrangements are bigger, and bolder. And the instrumentation involves my entire musical family. I am so honored to share my original vision bolstered by those that I love,” explains Moss. “This version of ‘Barricade’ is accompanied by a string arrangement I wrote with my friend Alba. It stands taller, and more confidently, and effortlessly contains the emotions that inspired the tune. More so for me than the original. Because it contains the enthusiasm and power of the musicians who inspire me.”

Head over to our shop to pick up a copy of A Change In Diet.

Elliot Moss

February 26, 2020

Elliot Moss releases collaboration with Elsa y Elmar from forthcoming remix EP

Today we’re excited to announce A Change In Diet – The Remixes, a new EP from Elliot Moss coming March 20th. The EP features re-workings of three songs from his recent album, A Change In Diet, each featuring a collaborator adding their own Spanish-language vocals. Colombian singer-songwriter Elsa y Elmar adds her hypnotic voice to a reworked version of of “Bodyintoshapes,” which you can hear above.

“Whenever I listen to a track I’m invited to collaborate on, either one of the following scenarios happen: A) Once I press play I instantly get an endless flow of ideas for lyrics and melodies. Or B) Not much happens… and then ideas need to be worked for a long time. What happened with ‘Bodyintoshapes’ was scenario A), which was awesome,” explains Elsa y Elmar namesake Elsa Carvajal. “I think Elliott is a very skilled and talented artist, and even though I am usually very skeptical about using two different languages in one track, I think this song feels very natural. It’s a cool, euphonic track, and I am very grateful I was able to be a part of it.”

The EP, which you can pre-save now, also includes Miami R&B artist Brika reimagining “Rabbit Roads” and Mexico rapper Go Golden Junk adding a new verse to “Silver + Gold.”




Elliot Moss

January 17, 2020

Elliot Moss releases A Change In Diet

Today marks the release of Elliot Moss’ new album A Change In Diet, a beautiful collection of minimalist electronic music, alternative R&B and indie pop. 

Earlier this week, Moss dropped “Bodyintoshapes,” the final tease from the album. The song is built around the motif of “bending a body into shapes,” which is fitting as that phrase is used as a conceptual launching pad throughout the album. “This song speaks about bending to someone’s needs; agreeing to change for them,” explains Moss. “Doing everything to preserve love, even if it means sacrificing what makes you happy.”  The track follows additional pre-release singles “Barricade,” “July 4,” and “Silver + Gold,” which caught the attention of outlets including American Songwriter (“ambient, trance-synth pop”), FLOOD, and Atwood Magazine (“One would be hard-pressed to find an artist as intriguingly inimitable as New York-based musician Elliot Moss”), among others.

To celebrate the release, Moss also launched achangeinfortune.com, a site and experience indebted to the fortune cookie motif of the album cover, which features the message: “Your problem just got bigger. Think, what have you done.” At the site, users can have their fortune told and receive their own Spotify playlist inspired by the fortune and a song on the new album. Fans can share their fortunes or playlists across socials with the #achangeinfortune hashtag.

Get your copy of A Change In Diet HERE, and catch Elliot on the road later this year.

Elliot Moss

December 5, 2019

Elliot Moss releases “Silver + Gold,” latest single from A Change In Diet

Elliot Moss today shared the cinematic music video for his evocative, slow-burning new single “Silver + Gold,” directed by himself and Kevin Condon.  “‘Silver + Gold’ is about putting your search for happiness into a person or object,” says Moss. “Something tangible to chase after. Only to realize that in doing so, you’ve misunderstood the meaning of happiness altogether.”  The track is the third released from Moss’ forthcoming sophomore album A Change In Diet, due out January 17th, and available for pre-order over in our shop right now. Elliot will hit the road in support of the album next year. Tickets available now on his artist page


Elliot Moss

November 5, 2019

Elliot Moss delivers second single from A Change In Diet

Elliot Moss today shared the video for his latest A Change In Diet single, “July 4.” The clip, directed by Elliot himself, was premiered over at FLOOD Magazine.   “While recording, ‘July 4’ served as a sonic touchstone for the record,” explains Moss. “You can hear bits and pieces of it in the other tunes, also. It really helps to have a way of measuring what fits and what doesn’t…I was fortunate that it came along first.” The album is also now available for pre-order on CD, standard black LP, or a limited edition opaque white vinyl. Grab it here.

In other news, Elliot will perform next in Brooklyn, NY at Elsewhere Zone One on December 4th, and has announced additional winter 2020 North American tour dates including LA’s The Echo on February 17th and Chicago’s Subterranean on February 27th. Check his artist page for dates. .

Elliot Moss

October 1, 2019

Elliot Moss returns with new single & music video

Elliot Moss is back!

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Grand Jury will be releasing, A Change In Diet, the new full-length from the NY-based songwriter and producer. You can hear “Barricade,” the first new Elliot song in over two years right now. It’s accompanied by the music video above, a gorgeously texted clip directed by Madeline Kate Kann.

“This one used to be called ‘Golden Dark,’ because that’s the feeling…adrenaline rushing as a result of being lost, hurt, or isolated,” says Elliot. “Adrenaline that continues as you’re reminded by things, by your own routines, of someone or something you’re trying to forget. An anxiety that you eventually might look to shield yourself from at whatever cost.” 

Those themes run throughout A Change In Diet,  a record that captures a period of upheaval for Elliot that altered his habits, relationships, and even his songwriting. Across the 11 songs, he methodically details the nature of change and the ways it can be liberating, discomforting, and often essential. “A change in diet is one of the first things that any self-help resource or therapist will recommend to you,” he explains. “The title is almost a joke because it feels like a crazy oversimplification of your problem. But at the same time it’s not wrong. It’s rarely one singular change that needs to be made, it is many incremental changes. And everything contributes.”

Today also comes with the announcement of Moss’ first show in over a year, a stop at Elsewhere Zone One in Brooklyn on December 4th. Tickets will be available this Friday at 10AM ET. More dates will be announced soon.

A Change In Diet Tracklist:

July 4
Off By One
Smile In The Rain
Untroubled Mind
Rabbit Roads
In The Same Place
Silver + Gold
A Change In Diner

Digital Pre-Order/Pre-Save – Available Now
LP/CD Pre-Order – Coming in November!

Elliot Moss

April 26, 2016

Elliot Moss shares “Big Bad Wolf” music video

Elliot Moss is back in a big way. His striking new video for “Big Bad Wolf” features a frightful amount of ferrofluid and offers commentary on the “horror and banality of incarceration.”

Watch the full video above or read more about the music video over on Nowness.

Elliot Moss

December 2, 2015

Elliot Moss shares “Pattern Repeating” music video

Here’s a gloriously eerie new video from Elliot Moss for the Highspeeds standout “Pattern Repeating.” Get Highspeeds over in the GJ shop or on iTunes.