June 26, 2020

Elliot Moss releases audio & video Live Blackbox Recordings

Today Elliot Moss has released A Change In Diet – Live Blackbox Recordings, a visual and audio reimagining of his recent album A Change In Diet. The collection was documented in the Blackbox at the State University of New York at t Purchase, and features sweeping string arrangements courtesy of Alba S Toreemocha, renditions of songs from behind a grand piano, and a full compliment of musicians helping Elliot bring A Change In Diet to life in a striking new way.

‘The arrangements are bigger, and bolder,” says Moss. “And the instrumentation involves my entire musical family. I am so honored to share my original vision bolstered by those that I love,” explains Moss. “This version of ‘Barricade’ is accompanied by a string arrangement I wrote with my friend Alba. It stands taller, and more confidently, and effortlessly contains the emotions that inspired the tune. More so for me than the original. Because it contains the enthusiasm and power of the musicians who inspire me.”