January 17, 2020

Elliot Moss releases A Change In Diet

Today marks the release of Elliot Moss’ new album A Change In Diet, a beautiful collection of minimalist electronic music, alternative R&B and indie pop. 

Earlier this week, Moss dropped “Bodyintoshapes,” the final tease from the album. The song is built around the motif of “bending a body into shapes,” which is fitting as that phrase is used as a conceptual launching pad throughout the album. “This song speaks about bending to someone’s needs; agreeing to change for them,” explains Moss. “Doing everything to preserve love, even if it means sacrificing what makes you happy.”  The track follows additional pre-release singles “Barricade,” “July 4,” and “Silver + Gold,” which caught the attention of outlets including American Songwriter (“ambient, trance-synth pop”), FLOOD, and Atwood Magazine (“One would be hard-pressed to find an artist as intriguingly inimitable as New York-based musician Elliot Moss”), among others.

To celebrate the release, Moss also launched achangeinfortune.com, a site and experience indebted to the fortune cookie motif of the album cover, which features the message: “Your problem just got bigger. Think, what have you done.” At the site, users can have their fortune told and receive their own Spotify playlist inspired by the fortune and a song on the new album. Fans can share their fortunes or playlists across socials with the #achangeinfortune hashtag.

Get your copy of A Change In Diet HERE, and catch Elliot on the road later this year.