September 13, 2022

Rubblebucket’s “Cherry Blossom” arrives today

Rubblebucket are back with the latest single from Earth Worship, the new album we announced last month. “Cherry Blossom” splits the difference between the bouncey pomp of “Morning In The Sun” and the locked groove of the title track: think the impossible genre of “country-disco”. Its video works in a similar way, marrying the homespun dance moves of “Morning” with the trippy adventure of “Earth Worship.” But with 100% more killer bugs.

“This bright breezy happy go lucky number is a simple love song that suggests the ineffable union of flowers and sunlight reaching for eachother, challenging each other, making meaning of each other,” says Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver. “We are guided to a place where lovers hold hands and run down lanes, pausing to pull out their magnifying lenses and inspect insects on the greenery they pass. In the bridge the repeated phrase “I know what’s underneath” (referring to passers by “with their masks on”) points to an playfulness and vulnerability the main characters share, perhaps aided by the lushness of their environment, but the line also sharpens an edge: what are the ways in which we hide ourselves from the world? And alternately, what are the ways in which we use masks to tell important stories that aid in our survival and evolution.”

This morning, the band also announced a handful of winter dates, “December Soirees,” on sale this Friday. Rest assured, there will be additional live shows on the horizon beyond this list soon.

Stay tuned.