June 22, 2022

Morning has arrived on Rubblebucket’s new single

2018’s Sun Machine is a standout in the Grand Jury catalog – probably the most joyful release to bear the G and the J. With joy in such short supply over the past few years, new Rubblebucket feels more vital than ever. They return with the self-produced single, “Morning In The Sun,” a classic Rubblebucket song which finds Alex Toth and Kalmia Traver exploring co-dependency (and breaking free from it) atop a trademark groove. Sonically it plays with elements of bubblegum soul, party funk, indie dance and everything in between.

Artwork for the single was created by Clare Byrne, using photography from Shervin Lainez. The self-directed music video feels like the world’s smallest flash mob, with Rubblebucket taking over BK park benches and roof tops and writhing to the beat.

More soon.