Twin Peaks

February 9, 2018

Twin Peaks “Sweet ’17 Singles” out today

Today marks the release of Twin Peaks’ Sweet ‘17 Singles, the 12″ and digital compilation of all six 7″ singles included in last year’s subscription series. You can get this beauty over in our shop right now, or from your favorite digital shop here.

But you want to see the guys play these songs live, you say? Easy Tonight the band begins its very-sold-out tour with the freshly Grammy’d Portugal. The Man. But if you’d rather catch the guys in a slightly more “intimate” room? Look no further than the March & April headline dates alongside GJ-faves The Districts. Tickets here. Long story short: new record, new dates, new happiness.

Twin Peaks

December 7, 2017

Twin Peaks share , announce “Sweet ’17 Singles” 12″

Twin Peaks are back with the final two Sweet ‘17 Singles, the news that they’ll be releasing ALL 12 tunes from the series on a 12″ LP February 9th (pre-order here), and a grip of new tour dates going on sale Friday. We’re not worthy of such generosity, but we’ll take it.

Twin Peaks

November 1, 2017

Twin Peaks share “With You” / “Just Because” from “Sweet ’17 Singles”

They’re baaaaaack. The penultimate installment in the Sweet ‘17 Singles Series arrives today. This time we’ve got the Clay-led A-side of “With You” backed by “Just Because,” a disheveled, drum machine love lament from Cadien. The tunes also come with another big announcement: next year our Twin Peaks will be hitting the road to support the one and only Portugal The Man throughout February. Check the tour section for all the dates.

Twin Peaks

October 4, 2017

Twin Peaks share “Blue Coupe” / “On The Line” from “Sweet ’17 Singles”

Today Twin Peaks are back with another Sweet ‘17 Singles Series installment. This time the Jacky D-led “Blue Coupe” is on the A-side with the twinkly Cadien hummer “On The Line” backing it. Subscriptions are sold out, with the exception of a handful more than band will be surprise dropping, so keep your eyes trained on their Twitter or Insta for the next heads up from the band.

In other news, tickets are going fast for the two remaining nights of their three-night New Years stand at Thalia Hall in Chicago. Don’t snooze.

Twin Peaks

September 6, 2017

Twin Peaks share “Come For Me” / “Fat Chance” from “Sweet’ 17 Singles”

Another month, another single from our tireless Twin Peaks. This time the A-side is “Come For Me,” a sun-soaked summer kiss off led by Clay and the B-side is a stripped down Townes-esque pick from Cadien. Have we mentioned how much fun we’re having releasing these things? Because we’re having so much fun. Anyway, catch the band on the road with Spoon this month. Dates in the tour section, as usual. 

Twin Peaks

June 6, 2017

Twin Peaks announce “Sweet ’17 Singles Series”, share first single “Tossing Tears”

Today we’ve announced Sweet ‘17 Singles Series, a monthly Twin Peaks 7″ series running the rest of 2017 – yes, that means two new songs released every month from July to December!

The A-side of the first 7″, “Tossing Tears,” was released today. Listen in the playlist above, which will feature the new songs as they’re released. Or get the 7″s delivered right to your mailbox by subscribing over on

Twin Peaks

March 31, 2017

Twin Peaks live album “Urbs In Horto” out today

The best Twin Peaks is live Twin Peaks. Everyone knows this. And that’s why Urbs In Horto exists. In late 2016, the boys laid down two nights’ worth of performances to tape in their native Chicago. creating this slab of righteousness in the process. Out today digitally, available in your local record shop 5/5 (or from the band’s merch booth right now as they hit the road with Hinds), this thing plays like a greatest hits turned all the way up to 11. Don’t sleep. Listen on Spotify above or snap up that download on iTunes, then pre-order your gorgeous 2XLP immediately. You won’t regret it.

Twin Peaks

February 22, 2017

Twin Peaks announce “Urbs In Horto” live album

Our brothers in Twin Peaks never sleep. We’re still only nine months out from the release of Down In Heaven, but the boys refuse to stop. Up next? Urbs In Horto, a live double-LP, recorded over their multi-night, multi-venue stand at Metro and Thalia Hall in December of 2016. Tracked to 2-inch tape ever so lovingly by our friends over at Treehouse, this thing sounds insanely good. For proof just listen to “Have You Ever?” above. LP is coming on 5/5 (because vinyl takes a long time, man…), but you can get the digital starting on 3/31. Pre-order from iTunes or directly from the band (where you can also get a pretty incredible poster).

In other news, the dudes just announced a string of headline dates (tour section for tix) after their Hinds run and Coachella conquest. And while it’s hard to believe, this is just the beginning of what 2017 has in store. No, really.

Twin Peaks

February 6, 2017

Twin Peaks x Hinds announce US tour

Don’t think we need to say much about this other than, well, it’s gonna be awesome. Get your Twin Peaks x Hinds tix starting tomorrow morning at 10AM here. Hat tip to our friends at Noisey for presenting this sure-fire good time.

Twin Peaks

September 7, 2016

Twin Peaks share “Holding Roses” music video

Any day with a new Twin Peaks video is better than the day before it. So let’s all give thanks to the fresh clip for “Holding Roses,” animated by Peaks’ kind-of-terrifyingly-talented Chicago brethren Goons. Also, in keeping with their typical exhaustive approach to touring, the dudes are back out on the road RIGHT NOW, the same day they’ve announced another round of headline dates this Winter. The secret to eternal youth, it would seem, is running it again. Check the tour section for more.