Hippo Campus

February 4, 2022

Hippo Campus celebrate release of LP3

LP3 arrives today, and to put it plainly: it’s just the best thing Hippo Campus has ever done.

The album was heralded earlier this week by one last teaser from the album. “Bang Bang” has been a fan-favorite since the band started playing it during streams in 2020. Listen to it and it’s obvious why.

On the track, Hippo’s Jake Luppen says,“I was in a long-distance relationship for a long time and I knew that it wasn’t working. But instead of us talking about it, we ignored it. It was a situation where our attraction to each other caused us to neglect all the very logical issues that were at hand.”

In explaining his vision for the video, Turczan says, “The goal for this project was to create an abstract visual language that synchronized with the energy of this song. My inspiration pulls heavily from the pioneers of visual music in animation, namely artists like Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye. It was also a nice challenge to incorporate the feel of the album artwork into this piece so that everything exists as a ben-day halftone pattern on newsprint.” 

“Bang Bang” follows the band’s charismatic late-night rendition of “Ride or Die” on The Late Late Show with James Corden, which Corden deemed “brilliant.” Check it out below. 

Hippo Campus

January 7, 2022

Hippo Campus release new single “Ride or Die,” drop free flexi discs at record stores

Yesterday, Hippo Campus released their new single, “Ride or Die,” along with its looping Joe Pease-directed music video. To celebrate the release the band also surprise-delivered free flexi discs to their friends at indie record shops. That’s right, 1,000 limited edition flexi discs featuring the single have been scattered all over the globe at record stores in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Japan. They’re free and available while supplies last.

(UPDATE 7PM JAN 10TH: SHIPPING DELAY: Some packages of free ‘Ride or Die’ flexi discs meant to arrive by this morning have run into shipping issues in the US & New Zealand. Several retailers are still waiting on their copies, but all are in transit. We are so sorry for the inconvenience!)

Hippo Campus

October 19, 2021

Hippo Campus announce new album, LP3, coming February 2022

Today, Hippo Campus announce the release of their third studio album, LP3, coming Feb 4 2022. It’s accompanied by the enthralling lead single “Boys,” a song about the romantic nature of memorializing one’s own ephemerality. And hangovers. The announcement follows August’s Good Dog, Bad Dream EP – a five-track live wire of indie pop tinged with confessions of dark humor. If GD,BD heralded a moment of madcap experimentation, LP3 is where the band synthesize that energy into a sound they’ve been working to perfect since 2015, making way for a brand new era of their music.

Of the first LP3 single, lead singer and guitarist Jake Luppen says, “To me, ‘Boys’ is bottoming out, sort of reaching your lowest point mentally. And because you’re there, you assess everything around you, and then become a better person…It’s like that feeling when you’re drunk and then you wake up hungover and you hate yourself.” The video was shot, directed and edited by the band’s own Whistler Isaiah, and features a a revolving direct-to-camera montage of one night’s exploits.

LP3 will arrive in several limited edition pressings of vinyl, and on CD & cassette. Artwork was handled by the band’s longtime visual collaborator David Kramer and Eliot Larson. The webstore & Bandcamp exclusive version is pressed on 180g Translucent Purple Swirl vinyl, featuring deluxe edition artwork, wide spine jacket on uncoated stock with a die-cut center hole, revealing the vinyl labels from the outside of the package. It includes a 36×24 fold-out poster. All packaged in a poly bag. Additional limited edition color variants are available at your local record shop, Rough Trade (both US & UK!), Minneapolis retailers like Electric Fetus & Down in the Valley, and Vinyl Me Please (whose pre-order will launch tomorrow!).

The band also just announced their first International Tour Dates since 2019, hitting Glasgow, Manchester, London, Antwerp, Cologne and Amsterdam the week of the album’s release. They’ll be on sale Friday. Check all their dates, including the massive US tour announced earlier this year, over on their artist page.

Hippo Campus

August 4, 2021

Hippo Campus releases “Sex Tape” music video ahead of Good Dog, Bad Dream EP

Today Hippo Campus released “Sex Tape,” the second look at their new EP Good Dog, Bad Dream, which arrives on all formats this Friday. The video plays like a YouTube wormhole gleefully colliding with the Photoshop history of Hippo’s graphic designer – elements from the EP & single artwork are interspersed with shots of the band and grainy, glitchy collage. The song is the warmest moment from GDBD, an ode to Minnesota summers and the surprisingly divergent paths similar people find themselves on as life progresses.

In other Hippo news, the band also announced US tour dates. Lots and lots of tour dates. You can get tickets over on the Hippo artist page, and check out the full run listed below.

Finally, this morning the band was announced as a performer at Water Is Life: Stop Line 3,” a music, art and cultural festival August  18, 2021, at Bayfront Park in Duluth, Minnesota.  Featuring a coalition of musicians, artists, poets and Indigenous leaders, the one-day festival is a celebration of water as the fundamental life-giving resource of Mother Earth, and a full-throttle resistance in music and song against the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline currently snaking its way through the waterways and Anishinaabe lands of northern Minnesota. Find out more and how to support here

Hippo Campus

June 15, 2021

Hippo Campus are back: Good Dog, Bad Dream EP is coming this August.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is real, actual, new Hippo Campus. It has been ages since the release of 2018’s Bambi.  The world has changed two or three times over since Demos I & II arrived in 2019. Unsurprisingly, Hippo Campus has changed with it. Good Dog, Bad Dream — coming August 6th — is a bold new EP that pushes the boundaries of what the Minneapolis indie pop group has been working on since forming back in 2013.

Of course, for fans who have been along for the journey, the progression might not be all that shocking. The lithe guitar pop of early releases like Bashful Creatures gave way to a more intricate songwriting approach on Landmark, which later ceded ground to electronics and experimentation on Bambi. But Good Dod, Bad Dream is a different animal entirely: a live wire of five occasionally absurd, weirdly heartfelt songs that routinely rival even the most high energy entries in the band’s repertoire.

Lead single “Bad Dream Baby” manages to string together Jake’s references to Britney Spears, mormonism and a dying dog on top of Nathan’s rock candy guitars and Whistler’s propulsive drumming. It’s a fitting lead single for the EP, heralded by the David Kramer directed video above – a visual triptych of interlaced performance, each a distilled kind of energy that’s always been present in the band.

The unadorned approach to the video also extends to the art. It’s Hippo’s most stark presentation yet, playing with a mostly gray palate splashed with pops of color and whimsy. The 12″ is a beautiful package – a 180g piece of vinyl with a B-side etching, all tucked in a wide spin, uncoated jacket, with 3 12×12 inserts and a printed inner sleeve. There are a bunch of color options available, following the red, yellow & white lead of the artwork. Details on each, and where you can find them, below.


Hippo Campus

October 8, 2019

Hippo Campus prep limited-edition 2xLP for Record Store Day Black Friday


Hippo Campus released Demos I & II earlier this summer. The twin digital collections featured early iterations of songs that would wind up on Bambi (that’s Demos I), and a handful of songs that were recorded in and around the sessions for their most recent album (that’s Demos II). As part of Record Store Day’s annual Black Friday event on November 29th, the band will be releasing the songs on limited-edition vinyl for the very first time. The double LP is pressed on opaque white 180g vinyl. It comes in a matte-finish gatefold jacket, with printed sleeves, all packaged inside a custom polybag. It’s very pretty.

The only place to get it will be your local record store. So be sure to let them know you want a copy waiting for you on November 29th. Find your nearest participating store here. And in the meantime, listen to the full collection over on the band’s Spotify playlist.

Hippo Campus

July 10, 2019

Hippo Campus return with Demos II, tour with Head & The Heart

Today Hippo Campus share Demos II, a collection of new songs written and recorded over the summer of 2017 and the winter of 2018. The new material came to life during the sessions around the band’s most recent album Bambi. The nine song mini-album includes fan favorites and live staples like “No Poms,” “Chapstick,” and “Joy.”

The release follows that of Demos I — eight early versions of Bambi songs — which took fans into the world of Hippo Campus’ creative process and demonstrated how the band crafted their latest album. Demos II is available to buy or stream here.

After epic performances at The Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo, and Firefly, the band recently headed out on tour with The Heart and The Heart, a run peppered with appearances at Hinterland and VooDoo Festival this summer. Tickets over on the artist page.

Hippo Campus

June 14, 2019

Hippo Campus surprise-release Demos I

Hippo Campus surprised fans tonight when they released Demos I, an eight-song digital album comprised of early and alternate versions of Bambi songs. “During the tail end of the landmark writing sessions we began to demo out recordings on our own for the first time,” says Hippo’s Jake Luppen. “This was one of the driving forces behind the making of Bambi. Many of the tracks changed pretty drastically from demo to record. We hope that it will help the listener understand our creative process and how much things change from square one.”

After an epic performance at The Governor’s Ball earlier this month, the band recently announced they will be joining The Heart and The Heart later this summer as well as playing several major festivals including Bonnaroo, Firefly, Hinterland, VooDoo Festival and more. Tickets over on the Hippo artist page.

Hippo Campus

May 28, 2019

Hippo Campus release “Honestly” video, announce fall headline dates

The latest video from Hippo Campus was unveiled this morning, alongside another(!) run of US dates in support of Bambi. It’s fitting then that the video, directed by Brittany O’Brien, is a compilation of footage shot along the previous legs of the band’s seemingly never-ending Bambi tour. Tickets available later this week over on their artist page.

Hippo Campus

March 28, 2019

Hippo Campus return with new video & more US dates

Today Hippo Campus have released the video for “Why Even Try.” Directed by Ruff Mercy, who has helmed music videos for Thom Yorke, Run The Jewels, Preoccupations and Bayonne, the video is a semi-animated trip inside the mind of Hippo Campus. “So much of Bambi is concerned with mental health,” says the band. “The way Ruff Mercy’s video weaves between a relatively under control external world and a more unhinged internal world seemed apt. And the approach to animation really captured the sort of chaos and contradictory emotions that we were attempting to explore on the record.”

In related news, the band continues on the path to world domination today announcing another major US tour, this time joining The Head And The Heart on their summer run across the states. The band has just wrapped a tour of Australia & East Asia and are back on the road here in the US next month touring with our very own Samia. Tickets over in the tour section.