Esme Patterson

July 12, 2016

Esme Patterson shares “Feel Right” music video

Are you prepared to be overcome with sheer and utter joy? Good, because a new video for Esme Patterson’s “Feel Right,” from last month’s We Were Wild (download / physical), just premiered over on Rookie with a wonderful and thoughtful Q&A about happiness and triumphing over pain. Go watch/read it. Then go see Esme on the road. Then be happy.

Esme Patterson

June 10, 2016

Esme Patterson new album “We Were Wild” out today

Once wild but never tamed, today the indomitable Esme Patterson releases her new album We Were Wild.

And true to the album’s title the sound is rowdy and rambunctious – almost feral folk music. If a line exists between the genres of folk, country, and pop, Patterson not only expertly ignores it but two-steps across it. The result is a deliciously cathartic clamor, which allowed Patterson to explore subjects like self-awareness and lost love in a manner that is as accessible as it is addicting.

But there’s nothing bubbelgum about this album. Noisey called it “pop with claws” and these tracks will tear into your mind and nest there all day. Give it a listen with the link above. And if you want to get yourself this album on vinyl–because why wouldn’t you–head on over to our store.

Esme Patterson

May 4, 2016

Esme Patterson shares new single “No River”

Earlier today, Beats 1′s Zane Lowe premiered, “No River,” the new single from Esmé Patterson’s We Were Wild, due on GJ June 10th. Shortly after, Ann Powers extolled the record’s “reconnaissance missions into desire and reconciliation” over in NPR Music’s “Songs We Love Series.” Here’s more of what she had to say:

In “No River,” meanwhile, Patterson challenges others’ presumptions, thrown at her like compliments. “I can’t keep running, I’m no river,” she playfully intones as the song’s breezy rock beat lifts her. The song continues like a young woman’s revision of Donovan’s bubblegum-Zen smash “There Is A Mountain,” only instead of the nature of reality, Patterson’s casting light on the assumption people make about a woman: that she’s inexhaustibly strong — imperturbably strong — yet mysteriously dangerous. “I’m human, I’m human,” she reminds everyone listening, especially herself. “I know that I’m alive today.” With that insistence on feeling the pulse beneath her skin, she frees herself.

Pre-order the album over in the GJ shop, or snag your copy on iTunes.

Esme Patterson

March 28, 2016

Esme Patterson shares new single “Feel Right”

“No one wants to love someone who don’t love you” Ain’t that the truth? And there are a lot of truths on Esmé Patterson’s third solo record We Were Wild. The full album will be out on June 10th but you can preorder your digital copy via iTunes starting tomorrow or secure a vinyl in the Grand Jury store right now.

But thankfully you don’t have to wait until June for a sample of Esmé’s brand of brash, brassy songwriting. Noisey premiered her first single “Feel Right” off the album and you can listen here. There’s feedback, a snappy melody, and deliciously gravelly vocals. Noisey called the track, “pop with a smidge of punk. Pop with claws.” And we agree. Watch out, this one will grab ahold of you and not let go.

So when you inevitably find yourself humming this earworm, go relieve that cognitive itch and catch Esmé  on tour. She’ll be rolling through a bar near you with  San Fermin. Find the full schedule here.