June 10, 2016

Esme Patterson new album “We Were Wild” out today

Once wild but never tamed, today the indomitable Esme Patterson releases her new album We Were Wild.

And true to the album’s title the sound is rowdy and rambunctious – almost feral folk music. If a line exists between the genres of folk, country, and pop, Patterson not only expertly ignores it but two-steps across it. The result is a deliciously cathartic clamor, which allowed Patterson to explore subjects like self-awareness and lost love in a manner that is as accessible as it is addicting.

But there’s nothing bubbelgum about this album. Noisey called it “pop with claws” and these tracks will tear into your mind and nest there all day. Give it a listen with the link above. And if you want to get yourself this album on vinyl–because why wouldn’t you–head on over to our store.