Charlie Martin

October 7, 2022

Charlie Martin’s piano version of Daisy, from the deluxe edition of Imaginary People, out now

This is “Daisy (Piano Version),” a beautiful reimagining of the stand-out from Charlie Martin’s debut solo album, Imaginary People. Last month Martin announced the deluxe edition of Imaginary People which features 4 alternate piano versions of songs from the 2021 album. The deluxe edition, is available now for purchase on CD & cassette, alongsid standard vinyl versions of the album.

“I started writing ‘Daisy’ years ago. It existed just as a piano melody for the longest time. Around 2020 finally the words came that felt right,” explains Martin. ‘I’m singing about safe travels; how vulnerable traveling can feel and how grateful I am when things go well. This past summer I lost my grandpa; made countless trips down to Gulfport, MS where he was in the hospital (along Hwy 90), and I was working on this piano project in the time between those trips. Needless to say to it was a hard time for me and my family, and I was lucky as always to have music to lean on.”

Hot on the heels of a tour with Teethe, Martin is hitting the road next week with Ichiko Aoba. All dates over in the tour section. Additionally, on October 11th at 9:30 pm ET, Martin will be streaming a live performance exclusively on his Bandcamp page, and Charlie will be present in the chat taking questions from fans. The performance was recorded live in Austin, Texas around his recent hometown debut at Mohawk.

Charlie Martin

August 29, 2022

Charlie Martin reimagines Imaginary People standouts on the piano

Charlie Martin, one half of our very own Hovvdy, is set to release a deluxe edition of his 2021 debut solo album, Imaginary People, featuring 4 alternate piano versions of songs from the record. You’ll have to wait until October 7th for the full release (available digitally, on CD & cassette), but today, Martin shares “Swirl (Piano Version),” which stopped us in our tracks the first time we heard it.

“Piano was the first instrument I ever learned, but it still kinda scares me,” says Charlie. “Certain pianos sound so beautiful it’s hard to even approach them with a voice; and the one I recorded for Imaginary People is like that — this pristine Steinway from the 1930s — probably the most amazing instrument I’ve ever touched. When I found myself in Mississippi for the summer, where the piano lives, I immediately started on these new versions. So many of the songs on Imaginary People (like ‘Daisy’ and ‘June’) I wrote on piano, so it was exciting to focus on the heart of it, just piano and melody. And for other songs (like ‘Swirl’ and ‘Madison’) it was a joy to reimagine them entirely.”

Charlie has also announced a fall tour with Ichiko Aoba and is currently on tour with Teethe. All dates over in our tour section now.

Charlie Martin

April 23, 2021

Introducing: Charlie Martin

We’ve been keeping a secret: Charlie Martin — who pillow core aficionados in the audience will know as 1/2 of Austin duo Hovvdy — is now a member of the Grand Jury family. His debut album, Imaginary People, is out in full today. Charlie’s gentle Southern tone paints in the timeless tradition of  Arthur Russel, Bill Callahan, Jon Brion, Elliot Smith, and yes, Hovvdy.

To mark the occasion, Martin has released a video for album stand-out “September.Paste premiered the video today and profiled Martin, calling Imaginary People, “a character-heavy work of light, fresh indie.” Paste’s Carli Scolforo delves a bit into the background of the song which, “draws on Martin’s tendency to view his Sept. 1 birthday as a time to assess his life and progress toward his goals. While being driven and optimistic, the track deals with the pressures of trying to make it as a musician.”

September is about commitment and staying on track. It takes a lot of courage to chase a dream,” says Martin of the song. “Sometimes you gotta pump yourself up.” 

We couldn’t agree more, Charlie. And that sentiment runs through a lot of the record. I want people to hear the songs and feel comforted or lifted up. That’s always my goal. Feel comforted and lifted up over on Bandcamp or wherever you stream music now. 

And for those inquiring minds out there, yes, we’ll have more info on what Hovvdy has been up to soon…