July 3, 2020

Twin Peaks digitally release Side A, unveil “Whistle in the Wind (End of Everything)” music video

One of the more (un?)surprising things about Twin Peaks is that they’re at their best when they’re being spontaneous. Sweet ’17 Singles turned into one of their most inspired collection of songs, and it was recorded off the cuff in disparate sessions throughout a calendar year. The new EP, Side A, shares a similar feeling of spontaneity, written and partially recorded in quarantine throughout the first half of 2020. It is, without question, one of the most potent distillations of what makes Twin Peaks such an unflappably great band: four songs, four different songwriters, four distinct sonic directions, that somehow manage to pack more punch when consumed together. There’s the hi-wire rock ‘n’ roll of Clay’s opener “What’s The Matter,” the pensive, gauzy, sax-adorned comedown of Jack’s “Whistle in the Wind (End of Everything),” the timeless, Harrison-esque guitar blissout of Colin’s “Any More Than You Want,” and the krautrock vision quest of Cadien’s EP-closer “Above/Below.” All the while, Connor’s work behind the kit grounds each tune exactly where it needs to be on Side A’s course. Look, we’re the label, but when we say this is peak Twin Peaks, we’re not making it up.

Today the whole EP is available to hear everywhere. As we mentioned before, 10″s are coming in the fall (available for pre-order here). But to celebrate the digital release, the boys enlisted longtime collaborators Weird Life Films to memorialize “Whistle in the Wind” with a music video.

“I came to writing this song around the same time my girlfriend had tested positive for the antibody test, meaning we had seemingly both contracted the virus early in quarantine,” says bassist Jack Dolan. “I remember having a false sense of security because of that, hopeful in what it meant for us. Are we safe now? Did we really just live through and survive something like this? Is life normal for us now? That brief moment ended up preceding so much more than we could’ve expected and this ‘impenetrable’ feeling I had then has since faded. It’s about coming to terms with a ‘new’ normal. The vulnerability it takes to stand up for the people around us, the soul searching and perspective it takes to honestly make sense of the current moment that will continue to  evolve with or without you. It’s about breaking free from the safety of your own comfort zone and being honest with yourself about where you stand right now. We all need to take care of ourselves and each other more than ever, just don’t give up on the moment.”

And, not to be distracted from the moment at hand, the band has also pledged to donate 100% of profits on their Blotter L/S tee to Brave Space Alliance, a Black and Trans led LGBTQ Center on the south side of Chicago. The move is part of their recently-launched monthly initiative to direct all profits from a specific item in their online store to a new NPO worth supporting in their community and beyond. We’re proud of the music, but even more proud of the humans in this band. Please support if you’re able.