September 22, 2022

TOLEDO debut album, How It Ends, out now

How It Ends, the debut record from TOLEDO, is officially out. An album of reflection, self-doubt, perseverance & exasperation. A real *life* record, about how our parents fail us, how we fail ourselves, and how, through that failing, we find a way forward.

Fittingly the release-week saw the drop of a video for the title-track. Don’t let the upbeat folk-rock vibe of “How It Ends” fool you — this song is about to have a nervous breakdown. Or at least get some therapy. Like much of the debut album from TOLEDO, the title track reckons with how our relationships with our parents impact who we are today. It asks the question, are we doomed to repeat their mistakes, or can we be better because of them?

Watching my mother struggle in love, it planted a seed deep down that keeps me afraid of love and hesitant about marriage,” says Jordan about the song. “Even when things are going so well, there’s a looming tension in the back of my brain that suggests everything is going to fall apart eventually. How do you navigate love and relationships when you don’t have a clear example to follow? Is this the curse your parents leave you with?”

Physical copies available over on our Bandcamp right now.