August 13, 2022

TOLEDO hate your guts right now on new single “Flake”

Today TOLEDO share another pair of new singles: “Flake,” a devastating ode to broken homes and hating guts, and  an instrumental Hanukah love letter called “What Happened To The Menorah?” “Flake”, like any good song about deadbeat dads, hits its climax as TOLEDO harmonizes on the heartbreaking, empowering line; “I fucking hate your guts right now.” The new single traces the path to finding yourself from beneath the weight of generational trauma.

Of “Flake”, TOLEDO says; “It’s one step forward, two steps back. Sometimes when you feel like you’re heading in the right direction, you slip up and fall back into old habits. You only have yourself to blame, but aren’t your parents to blame for how you end up? It’s really a fuck you to myself and my dad. Our legacy of shit. Sonically it’s Barenaked Ladies meets Fleetwood Mac. And that’s Twitch live streamer Dakotaz in the opening of the song! Accidentally caught in the recording crossfire.”

The video for the song continues the narrative that began on “Climber,” with our pool protagonist returning with his family. And the accompanying visualizer for “Menorah” also takes place int he same universe as the more narratively-driven videos for How it Ends.