February 7, 2023

TOLEDO announce How It Ends [UNRATED EDITION], release “Oak Hill” single, tour US in March

TOLEDO’s debut album How It Ends was an accomplished collection of songs about family – a divorce record, a friendship record, an album about those who make us who we are. A heavy subject, indeed, so it’s no wonder the band is back with an addendum in the form of How It Ends [UNRATED EDITION], a deluxe version of the album featuring seven additional tracks. Some are wholly new songs, like the sweeping and gently beautiful “Oak Hill” that arrives today.

“’Oak Hill’ came at a point in our lives when we were both finally able to look back at past relationships and see our own mistakes; not just the faults of others that we typically fixated on,” says the band.”Young men in particular get away with using people under the guise of personal growth. It’s sort of a pathetic plea for forgiveness for being a shithead in your early years.

Others are revamped or stripped down version of songs from the record and beyond – there’s an old iteration of “Beach Coma,” a lo-fi take on “Hideout,” and a few voice memo moments that encapsulate some of the more magical moments in TOLEDO’s songwriting process.

Tracklist below.

1. Soda Can
2. Boxcutter
3. Hideout
4. Keep It Down!
5. How It Ends
6. Climber
7. Flake
8. L-Train
9. Leopard Skin
10. What Happened to the Menorah?
11. Ghosty
12. Fixing Up the Back Room
13. Oak Hill
14. Shirley
15. Flake (Demo)
16. Snow Day
17. Hideout (Lo-Fi Version)
18. Beach Coma (Demo)
19. Patch

In other news, the band is hitting the road for their first proper headline run in support of How It Ends and in celebration of the upcoming digital deluxe edition. Tickets available over in the tour section.