November 10, 2017

Hippo Campus “Warm Glow” EP out today

Today is the day. Hippo Campus’ warm glow EP is now available to hold in your beautiful hands. If you ordered it from us or the band, you should have your copy now (how you liking it, btw?). If you didn’t, you should be en route to your local record store to snag a copy right now. Seriously, stop reading. Unless you don’t know where your closest record store is. In that case, our friends at Record Store Day have this handy store locator here. Use it.

Meanwhile, our dudes are currently out on the road touring across the great states of America. Full list of shows and tickets over in our tour section. Bonus: if you go, you can also get that gorgeous 2XLP version of landmark and warm glow up there. And if you don’t, you can still snag it in the GJ shop, where we also just launched – several years late… – shirts.