May 30, 2017

Monk Parker announces new album “Crown of Sparrows”

Meet Monk Parker. He’s responsible for one of our favorite records in as long as we can remember. It’s called Crown of Sparrows, and we’re lucky enough to release it on Grand Jury August 4th. Across its six songs, you might be reminded of the horn-led bombast of Neutral Milk Hotel, the world weariness of Townes Van Zandt or a whiskey-soaked Scott Walker. You can preview a bit of that over on Noisey right now. They’ve just unveiled the song “Gaudy Frame,” which they call “an overwhelming piece of horn-filled country melancholy,” going on to liken it to the aforementioned Neutral Milk Hotel, saying “had Jeff Mangum written a follow-up to In The Aeroplane Over The Sea while sitting half-drunk at an empty bar twenty miles outside of Austin, this could have been its centerpiece, fixation and all.” Pre-order the album now over on iTunes or in our shop here.