August 24, 2020

NEW SIGNING: dad sports

Incredibly excited to announce that dad sports is now part of the Grand Jury roster. As soon as we caught wind of the Ottawa three-piece we fell in love. They’ve quickly made a name for themselves on the back of a series of self-produced singles and a wistful brand of hazy, windswept dream pop. It’s like if a band on Flying Nun soundtracked some long lost Nora Ephron film. Heavy on the nostalgia and the melody, but sharp edges in clear focus, somehow pulling off a kind of chilly warmth. We could spend another hour or so attempting to describe it, but we’ll spare you that.

This morning our friends over at the FADER announced the signing and premiered a music video for “name & place.” The clip, which FADER calls “its own tactile daydream,” was directed by Noah Keckler. And while the young filmmaker might not be aiming for Nora Ephron with this one, he certainly hits a nostalgia-soaked 90s sweet spot. The visual is the perfect compliment to the song’s intention.

About “name & place,” frontman Miguel Plante says, “you know that feeling when you’re looking out of a car window, and it’s dark out, and everything is just really beautiful and you feel like you’re in a coming of age movie? We tried to make this song exactly that.”

We’re so very excited for what comes next!