May 18, 2021

Native Sun return with blistering new song “Off The Dial”

Coming off the high of their sold-out show at Brooklyn’s Sultan Room back in April, Native Sun are back today with the relentless sprint, “Off The Dial”. It might be the best encapsulation of Native Sun’s storied live show yet put to tape, so it makes sense that the music video is actually a live performance of the track – watch above. Evoking The Stooges at their gnarliest, the anti-authoritarian anthem “Off The Dial” is the companion to last month’s “Jesus,” both paired today on a double single available at fine digital retailers all over.

In a statement about the song, the band says: “Lessons of the past must be earned before we can apply them to the present…a track to summon and glorify our ability to rebel against conventionality for progress. Destroy the ennui that sucks the passion out of the quotidian, it is this hunger for abandoned ideas and sentiments that emboldens the individual — don’t let others write your future.”

Native Sun recently sat for an interview and offered up a live performance of “Jesus,” “Juarez” and “Strange Cat” for the Bring Music Home campaign, watch below.