May 18, 2016

NE-HI share new single “Buried On The Moon”

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, meet our newest signing, NE-HI.

If you were listening to Zane Lowe’s show on Beats1 a few minutes ago, you may have caught the world premiere of their new single, “Buried On The Moon” – a jangly, spit-shined slab of guitar rock worship and wonderfully-ramshackle melody. Oh, you missed it? Well, don’t worry: just press play below.

And if the name already sounds familiar, it should. These Chicago boys are currently out with our very own @twinpeaksdudes on the Down In Heaven Tour. You can check the GJ tour section for a full accounting of their sure-to-debaucherous journey across the USofA. Get tickets, and join us in welcoming these guys to the party.