May 7, 2021

Jordana announces tour dates, real life actual tour dates

We re-released Jordana’s sleeper debut Classical Notions of Happiness in March of 2020. Know what else happened in March of 2020? The whole world ground to a halt. Obviously that didn’t slow Jordana’s creative output down – she dropped a pair of EPs and combined them into Something To Say To You, a 12″ that earned her Best of 2020 or Looking Forward to 2021 list spots at Stereogum, Paste, NME, Pigeons & Planes and more. It’s hard to believe that touring hasn’t been a thing basically since we started working together. So it’s sort of surreal to type these words:

Jordana is going on tour.

Should we type them again? Jordana is going on tour. Still weird, but undeniably true. This morning TV Girl announced a masssssssive run of dates which will all include an acoustic set from Jordana. Poster for the tour is below. Tickets are available here.