August 11, 2020

Jake Luppen unveils new solo project Lupin with kaleidoscopic pop song “May”

Finally! The debut solo album from Jake Luppen – yes, our very own Baby Boys & Hippo Campus Jake Luppen – is upon us. The project & the record are both called Lupin. The first single, “May,” is out today alongside a music video directed by the incredibly talented Adam Fuchs, who you might know from his work at Adult Swim. You can catch it above. 

 “I had been clinging to the past in my relationship at the time, grappling with the realization that our young expectations of what our future should look like might not actually work out,” says Jake, explaining the song. “Or rather shouldn’t work out. This song focuses on coming to terms with that.”

The album is coming October 9th. And, friends, this is a truly inspired record, filled with songs of self-doubt, self-discovery and genuinely some of the coolest sounds we’ve ever heard — we didn’t even know gothic funk could be a thing until we heard these demos. Lupin was produced by Jake & longtime collaborator BJ Burton, who you’ll recognize for his work on the past two Hippo Campus albums, but also the new Charli XCX, Low, and more. Art for this one is courtesy of the very talented David Kramer with photos from friends old and new, namely Brit O’Brien and Graham Tolbert, like the one below.

You can pre-order a 12” now in a limited first pressing on red vinyl over in the GJ shop, or get a copy on white vinyl exclusively at Minneapolis indie retailers like Electric Fetus & Down In The Valley. Both runs are limited to 300 pieces.