May 27, 2022

Hovvdy release billboard for my feelings EP

Hovvdy’s 2021 album True Love is one of the records we’re most proud to bear the Grand Jury logo. So when Will & Charlie turned in the songs that would become their new EP billboard for my feelings, our minds were sort of blown. How could they have done it again? How could they craft a collection of songs that gels so effortlessly and bubbles with so much life, all while simultaneously making the hazy masterwork they’d release last October. By now we should just expect it from them. Here’s a full EP we made while we made our best record ever. Sure…

The band has been releasing each single from the short-player along the way, but today you can listen in context. And see what we mean about the gel. A Boone Patrello music video for “Ruby” arrives today as well. billboard for my feelings is available everywhere you stream music now.

Next week the band sets out on the second US leg of their True Love tour. Tickets are getting low in a lot of markets (Austin is already sold out), so snag yours now.