March 24, 2021

Haulm return with new single “Blind”

Today minimalist electronic duo Haulm return with “Blind,” a downcast dance track inspired by a year being locked inside. Think Hot Chip but filled with a pit of sadness. “This song is the product of pandemic frustration while simultaneously trying to not be about that frustration,” says vocalist/producer JT Norton. “It’s just about people not listening to one another, and that can sound as political as you’d like it to be. But ideally, this song is playing in a Michael Mann film while Tom Cruise is assassinating drug dealers in a strobe filled night club.”

“Blind” follows the quietly vitriolic “Call The Waves,” a softly scathing rebuke of global leadership,  premiered via Billboard earlier this year. While “Waves” gave off a fidgety singer-songwriter energy, producer Reed Kackley (who also works under the name BAILE) brings his hazy house stylings to the proceedings on “Blind.”