June 28, 2023

Crooks & Nannies release new single “Weather”

Single number two from the forthcoming Real Life is “Weather,” a Sam song that starts slow before exploding into big fits of chaos and pathos. The dynamic swing is something the band masters with their debut LP, coming in August. The video hints at the story behind the song’s creation, a song written by Huntington during a long bike ride that turned into an even longer walk, and the nights chaos is mirrored in its instrumentation.

She explains: “It was spring of 2020, and despite being the first warm night of the season, the city was eerily empty. After weeks of being cooped up I wanted to see something new and decided to make a rule for myself: If I came across an unfamiliar street I was required to turn down it. Drunk and restless, I biked for hours, until my phone died and I realized I was lost. I was in a non-residential area that I didn’t recognize and it was very late. In Philly many of the major streets are numbered, but I was having difficulty finding one. I seemed to be trapped in a labyrinth of exit ramps, warehouses and negative space. By the time I made it home, I had sweated through my shirt, popped a tire, had a bizarre encounter with a flock of geese, stumbled upon a massive house fire, and written a song. The bike ride felt like some kind of strange upsetting dream and I think deeply informed the tone of Weather. The song is about feeling hollow.”

“The vocals throughout this track are from the original demo. My roommate came home while I was recording them and, feeling self-conscious about the lyrics, I sang the ending section as a whisper. I figured it would be a placeholder but we decided to lean in, emphasizing the fragility in the vocal performance and doing everything in our power to make the instrumental go really fucking hard. There are like 8 layers of guitar feedback. We hit a trash can with a mallet and layered it over the snare. That’s our engineer, Mark Water, screaming. The abrupt ending symbolizes death, perhaps a life cut short.”

In other news, the band just announced a series of dates around the album’s release. Tickets on sale this Friday!


Real Life is available for pre-order now – on highlighter yellow & ultra clear vinyl and limited edition cassette. Purchase links below.