April 15, 2024


Today we welcome the duo of Pearl Amanda Dickson and Richard Orofino – aka Sex Week – to the Grand Jury family.

We stumbled over their first single “Toad Mode” in November of last year and it immediately charmed us. Languid slowcore with a touch of levity – think Bedhead or Pinback minus the tendencies toward self-seriousness. Little did we know what more lurked beneath…

Today, paired with our signing announcement, is a new single called “Angel Blessings.” Where “Toad Mode” was playful and patient, the latest Sex Week offering is dark and insistent. From the jump it pokes and prods, and its INLAND EMPIRE-inspired video does the same. Stark blacks and reds match the song’s mood, and in its back half you’re treated to a hallmark of the new music Dickson & Orofino are working on, the bewitching doubled vocal of Pearl, one performing a distant black metal scream, the other whispering softly in your ear. It’s very, very good.

Long story short: we’re terribly excited. And we hope you are too. Read more about them over on their Artist Page.

Welcome home, Sex Week.