Cameron AG

November 7, 2016

Cameron AG “Homeward Bound” EP out now

Homeward Bound, the gorgeous new EP from Cameron AG, came out on Friday. If you haven’t listened yet, you’re doing it wrong. “This EP is all about dealing with weird stupid anxieties that go on in all of our heads,” explains Cameron. “Well, most of our heads. Definitely mine. It’s about trying to overcome them and not give a shit about stupid pointless problems that take over our minds.” Now join us in crossing our fingers in hopes of getting this Oxford, UK-based songwriter across the pond sooner rather than later.

Cameron AG

September 6, 2016

Cameron A G announces new EP “Homeward Bound”

Our roster and our hearts swell today, as we announce a new addition to the GJ family: Cameron AG. We’ll be releasing his heartbreaking EP, Homeward Bound, on November 4th, but today you can hear the lead single, “Walk Your Line.” “A small army of guitars and programmed beats coalesce around Cameron’s high-pitched cries,” says Stereogum in their write-up, “building from shady verses beneath the tree line to a massive, colorful panoramic chorus.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Pick up the track over on iTunes, or stream it at your service of choice. More soon.