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Western Scene


LA-based indie rock band Western Scene has been quietly building a sturdy résumé for itself since 2013. A number of small but charming releases helped them earn the attention of Grand Jury, which is releasing the group’s new single, ‘Strange But True.’

Conceived by frontman Tom Pritchard as a joyous fall into the unknown, ‘Strange But True’ is a euphoric track with a heady edge. There are traces of a few styles running throughout the song — I particularly could hear something that could only be described as “Shins-esque” — but all the pieces meld into one chugging shot of aural endorphins. Ironically, according to Pritchard, ‘Strange But True’ resulted from a search for some darker sounds.

“I was searching for a soundscape that would give dark and lush padding for a new song idea I had,” explained Pritchard. “I got lost in patches for a long time in my living room and what came out was the song ‘Strange but True.’ I wanted to convey the idea of escaping into the unknown and what kind of things will happen when you are truly on your own. Eventually things change and you run towards it.” – The 405

Western Scene

January 10, 2018

Western Scene share new single “Strange But True”

Today we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to Grand Jury, LA’s Western Scene.

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