August 24, 2018

Rubblebucket new album “Sun Machine” out today

Today marks the release of Rubblebucket’s tremendous new record, Sun Machine. 

The 13-song album is an enormous leap forward for the Brooklyn duo, slipping between bedroom-pop dance, horn-laden funk and kaleidoscopic rock with a remarkable ease. Coming on the heels of bandleaders Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth’s romantic breakup, a bout with cancer and another with alcoholism, the record is a testament to the redemptive power of an unbreakable musical connection.

Get your copy of the record in the GJ shop right now, or stream it wherever you stream. Tour kicks off this Fall, with support from the endlessly enjoyable Diet Cig – tickets in the tour section.

Hippo Campus

August 23, 2018

Hippo Campus share “Bambi” music video

Hippo Campus return this week with “Bambi,” a new single and music video from the album of the same name. It’s 10 incredibly beautiful and thoughtful new tunes, and it is set for digital release September 28th, with a physical date to follow later this year.

The album was recorded in Minneapolis with BJ Burton, who helmed the sessions for last year’s landmark, in addition to records from Bon Iver, Francis & The Light, Sylvan Esso and more.

The music video, directed by Kyle Sauer, is available above. When asked about the song, singer/guitarist Jake Luppen said, “‘Bambi’ was the last song added to the record and potentially the most elusive. We wrote the original idea in our practice space with a drum machine, op-1, guitar and rhodes. We sat with session for several months before we had the major melodic breakthroughs. The lyrics deal with the challenges of being a friend to those around you when your mental health is getting in the way.”

The band has also announced another float of dates, this round over on the west coast of the US and dotting all of Europe. Find them all in our tour section, and keep an eye out for physical pre-orders are coming next week.


August 8, 2018

Bedstudy share new single “All Over Me”

New single from Bedstudy out today! It’s called “All Over Me” and the chorus is going to stick with you for a really long time. If you’re in NYC, come celebrate the release with us this Saturday at Berlin.


August 7, 2018

Rubblebucket share new single “Annihilation Song”

New Rubblebucket song out today, accompanied by one of our favorite animated videos in a really long time. Available in full here via Apple Music, the video was directed by Amanda Bonaiuto, and wrestles with concepts both big and small. “The idea behind the music video for ‘Annihilation Song’ began with the feeling of being in control and learning to trust yourself,” says Bonaiuto. “The plot was initially inspired by a negative experience with a ride share, and after fleshing out the idea it broadened into being more generally about situations where women are forced to relinquish control. I wanted to create a narrative where the protagonist regains or discovers control that she didn’t think she had; control that she thought belonged to technology, two mind control pelicans, and nature itself.”

The album from which it came, Sun Machine, will be out oh so soon. Pre-order your copy before its 8/24 release date over in the GJ shop. And then head to the tour section to check out the new dates freshly announced for later this year.


August 3, 2018

Haulm “Stay For Me” remix EP out today

And here they are: seven remixes of songs from Haulm’s debut EP, Stay For Me. You’ve got BAILE’s depressive house, Bedstudy’s shooting star synth rework, Dayspired clapping key-led future-funk, a seedy, 4AM comedown from Su Na. It’s all good. Don’t trust us, just listen.


July 17, 2018

Rubblebucket share “What Life Is” music video

Rubblebucket return today with a music video for the album-opening “What Life is,” off of Sun Machine, due August 24th. Directed by Charles Billot, and premiered this morning via Black Book, the clip is a mind-bending trek through the streets of New York City and the streets of the subconscious.

Speaking on the origins of the track, the band’s Alex Toth says: “Being in close quarters with so many humans bumping into one another, feverishly striving and surviving can be as inspiring as it is suffocating. I’m sometimes struck with an image of me and my 8 million neighbors from afar, as tiny beings filtering in and out of tiny boxes within bigger concrete structures, onto trains and gridded streets. And somehow persevering and trying to be human and happy. It’s a wild and beautiful endeavor and takes a fair amount of grit.”

Rubblebucket will be touring North American in support of Sun Machine later this year and into next. Tickets in the tour section, and get your hands on a pre-order over in the shop.


July 12, 2018

Samia shares “Milk” music video

Another jaw-droppingly gorgeous one from Samia. “Milk” was produced by Jesse Harris, and the accompanying video was shot by Tess Lafia. The song follows the more rambunctious “21″ with a return to the contemplative side. A gut-wrencher about eating disorders, losing loved ones, and finding strength and clarity in sadness. The single is out now on your favorite streaming services.

But in perhaps even more exciting news, later this year you’ll get the chance to see Samia in the flesh when she hits the road to support Active Bird Community along the east coast. Check out the dates in our tour section.


July 9, 2018

Haulm announce “Stay For Me” remix EP, share Dayspired remix

Today, Haulm have announced the upcoming release of Stay For Me (Remixes) a collection of reinterpretations of songs from their debut EP. The seven-song collection is due digitally August 3rd. The release features contributions from LA electronic songsmith Kauf, St Petersberg producer Nuage, GJ labelmates Bedstudy, and more. To herald the upcoming release, Haulm have unveiled a taste in the form of the radically re-envisioned title track by Boston duo Dayspired.


June 26, 2018

Rubblebucket share new single “Lemonade”

This is “Lemonade,” another standout from Sun Machine, the forthcoming album from Rubblebucket. It’s their first record for Grand Jury, and a bittersweet work of art. The Brooklyn duo of Alex Toth and Kalmia Traver ended their long-time romantic relationship, but didn’t end their songwriting partnership. The album deftly documents that pain while remaining an often-euphoric celebration of the lasting connection between the duo.

“Lemonade” was written by Toth who notes, “As the lyrics came together I realized I was kind of writing the song from Kal’s perspective, singing to me. I didn’t know what project the song was for (my solo record, a friend’s band, a pop star?) but when Kal and I realized Rubblebucket wasnt ending with our breakup, but gaining new life, this song made perfect sense.”

Tickets are available now for the first leg of dates in support of the album, which is available for pre-order in the shop now.


June 13, 2018

Rubblebucket announce North American tour

Mark your calendars. Rubblebucket are hitting the road this Fall in support of Sun Machine. Check our tour section for all the dates, and tickets are on sale this Friday.