March 27, 2020

Jordana releases Classical Notions of Happiness today

Today we are incredibly proud to release Classical Notions of Happiness, the expanded and remastered debut album from Kansas songwriter Jordana. Its original 10 tracks, which we fell in love with on first listen back in 2019, have been supplemented with a trio of new tunes – the buoyant, synth-led pop of “Signs,” the roiling 90s alt nostalgia of “Crunch,” and one of the 10 songs you need in your life right now according to The FADER: “Sway.” The new songs showcase three brave new directions for Jordana’s songwriting. The lo-fi bedroom aesthetic of her early material blossoms here, while still maintaining a decidedly DIY spirit. This record is really, really good, and we can’t wait for you to hear what comes next!

Because the world is understandably upside down at the moment, Jordana’s upcoming dates with TV Girl are uncertain at the moment. Watch this space for updates there. And while cancelations or postponements would be a huge bummer, they’re very necessary at the moment. Everyone is going through it together right now. Including our friends at indie retail. So, if you’re able, we’d ask that you support your local independent retailer. Many shops are doing delivery, curb side pick up and other creative methods to stay afloat. We don’t want to envision a world with any less record stores, so if you can, do your part and buy this record at an indie store. Check this link to find one near you. And if there isn’t one nearby, you can always snag the baby pink LP over on Bandcamp while supplies last.


March 18, 2020

Today, March 20th, all sales on Grand Jury Bandcamp & Webstore will be donated to our artists

Hey friends,

The next few months are going to be challenging for so, so many. Unfortunately that includes the wonderful human beings that make up our bands.

In an effort to help, this Friday Bandcamp is waiving all fees and passing through 100% of their proceeds to artists. It’s a small step, but we’re following suit. So if you buy something from our webstore or any of our artists’ Bandcamp profiles on Friday, we’ll donate 100% of the proceeds directly to the artists.

We love yall. Please stay healthy, stay safe & stay home.

UPDATE: Today on Bandcamp, we’ve released a bundle of three new Elliot Moss collabs with Elsa y Elmar, Brika & Go Golden Junk. Samia just dropped a cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only You Know.”  Her generous heart has decided to donate whatever she makes to FoodBankNYC.  Meanwhile, we’ve got records from Twin Peaks, Hippo Campus, Rubblebucket, our Canadian fam in Little Junior. You can pre-order the new Jordana album on baby pink vinyl. There’s limited edition stuff like 7″s from Column, a cassette from Baby Boys, and so much more. Please, if you can, go help our artists today.

Twin Peaks

February 26, 2020

Twin Peaks release new music video, announce Car Seat Headrest tour, Pitchfork Festival performance


Today Twin Peaks unveil the music video for “Unfamiliar Sun,” a fan favorite from this year’s Lookout Low. The song is about navigating life while struggling with depression. Incredibly relatable. Its accompanying video, directed and illustrated by Wyatt Grant, pairs the band with colorful images displayed via a low-tech projector.

“It’s about trying to find beauty and love in the day to day, week to week, season to season in an otherwise ugly world,” says bassist Jack Dolan, who wrote the song. “Still, it’s meant to be hopeful. Nobody is or should ever feel truly alone. I want to thank Wyatt Grant for helping me visualize this song with his wonderful artwork and his genuine understanding of the messages this song attempts to convey. I would also like to thank the entire Weird Life Films Crew for once again delivering a beautiful finished product and for helping us organize and execute this little project. The world could always use more empathy, don’t be afraid to reach out to somebody you love.”

Additionally, the band announces that following their spring headlining tour, they will support Car Seat Headrest on the road later this summer (tickets are on sale Friday, Feb. 28th at 10am local time – check the artist page here). Then, they’ll return to Chicago’s Union Park to play Pitchfork Music Festival for the third time!


Elliot Moss

Elliot Moss releases collaboration with Elsa y Elmar from forthcoming remix EP

Today we’re excited to announce A Change In Diet – The Remixes, a new EP from Elliot Moss coming March 20th. The EP features re-workings of three songs from his recent album, A Change In Diet, each featuring a collaborator adding their own Spanish-language vocals. Colombian singer-songwriter Elsa y Elmar adds her hypnotic voice to a reworked version of of “Bodyintoshapes,” which you can hear above.

“Whenever I listen to a track I’m invited to collaborate on, either one of the following scenarios happen: A) Once I press play I instantly get an endless flow of ideas for lyrics and melodies. Or B) Not much happens… and then ideas need to be worked for a long time. What happened with ‘Bodyintoshapes’ was scenario A), which was awesome,” explains Elsa y Elmar namesake Elsa Carvajal. “I think Elliott is a very skilled and talented artist, and even though I am usually very skeptical about using two different languages in one track, I think this song feels very natural. It’s a cool, euphonic track, and I am very grateful I was able to be a part of it.”

The EP, which you can pre-save now, also includes Miami R&B artist Brika reimagining “Rabbit Roads” and Mexico rapper Go Golden Junk adding a new verse to “Silver + Gold.”





February 25, 2020

Jordana releases second single from expanded LP, announces massive US tour

Jordana returns today with the fuzzed out, 90s-inspired “Crunch.” Produced by rising NYC staple MELVV, the track finds Jordana showing off her guitar playing and a more rambunctious indie rock direction, both surprising reactions to the more blissed-out pop of “Signs.” The new song is coupled with a music video directed by POND Creative, who you’ll likely remember also recently worked on the new video for Native Sun’s “Juarez.”

“Crunch is a feeling of an overbearing want for validation from someone and getting the cold shoulder from them,” says Jordana of the new track. “The song starts out with the confidence in knowing this person could possibly notice you and ends in anger and frustration seeing that they ignored you.”

The new song also comes shortly after Jordana announced her first national tour! That’s right, In April she’ll be hitting the road with TV Girl – all tickets available on her artist page. And of course how could we forget to didn’t remind you? There’s a beautiful baby pink LP waiting to be pre-ordered over on Bandcamp

Native Sun

January 31, 2020

Native Sun joins Grand Jury roster with new single

Today we’re excited to announce that one of the best bands in New York City now calls Grand Jury home.

Meet Native Sun. They play loud.

Their music seems both unstuck in time – referencing multiple waves of NY punk, classic rock n roll, and low-slung doom – while also feeling decidedly of the moment. Filtering the sound of white Americana through their personal experiences as Colombian and Mexican immigrants leads to a brand of guitar music that feels decidedly alive, decidedly awake, littered with explosive outcries against generational racism, institutional rot, and so much more. 

After releasing their first two EPs — Songs Born from Love and Hate and Always Different, Always the Same — the band is back with a series of singles that started with “Oedipus Race” and now moves on to “Juarez,” our first release with the band, out today!

Both song have been compiled on a new 7″. You can get one of the 50 copies left over in our shop. It’s pressed on clear vinyl, and ships immediately. Next up, the band celebrates the release tomorrow night at NYC’s The Dance (tix here), before heading out on the road with White Reaper & The Muckers before hitting this year’s SXSW!


January 22, 2020

Welcome Jordana to the Grand Jury roster

Ok, the cat’s out of the bag: today we’re welcoming Wichita, KS-based bedroom pop songwriter Jordana to the Grand Jury family!

On March 27th we’ll be releasing a remastered and expanded version of her debut album, Classical Notions of Happiness. The three new songs on the updateed edition round out what was already one of our favorite albums of last year, littered with bedroom folk, fragile instrumental moments and woozy guitar led pop. But where the original album tended toward the hushed and intimate, the new songs can’t hide their ambitions, opting for a more fleshed out quality only hinted at previously.

Today you can hear an example of that exciting expansion in the form of new single, “Signs.” It’s an endearingly clattering production of synth and bass coupled with a lyrical ode to weird dates and astrological altercations. That’s the homespun music video by Caleb & Maxxy above. And it’s so damn good.

We couldn’t be more excited for you to hear the rest. You can pre-order the standard black LP over in our shop, or if you’d rather get your hands on the limited-edition baby pink version (pictured below!), head over to Jordana’s Bandcamp. There’s only 200, so don’t snooze.

We’ll be back with more news soon.




Elliot Moss

January 17, 2020

Elliot Moss releases A Change In Diet

Today marks the release of Elliot Moss’ new album A Change In Diet, a beautiful collection of minimalist electronic music, alternative R&B and indie pop. 

Earlier this week, Moss dropped “Bodyintoshapes,” the final tease from the album. The song is built around the motif of “bending a body into shapes,” which is fitting as that phrase is used as a conceptual launching pad throughout the album. “This song speaks about bending to someone’s needs; agreeing to change for them,” explains Moss. “Doing everything to preserve love, even if it means sacrificing what makes you happy.”  The track follows additional pre-release singles “Barricade,” “July 4,” and “Silver + Gold,” which caught the attention of outlets including American Songwriter (“ambient, trance-synth pop”), FLOOD, and Atwood Magazine (“One would be hard-pressed to find an artist as intriguingly inimitable as New York-based musician Elliot Moss”), among others.

To celebrate the release, Moss also launched, a site and experience indebted to the fortune cookie motif of the album cover, which features the message: “Your problem just got bigger. Think, what have you done.” At the site, users can have their fortune told and receive their own Spotify playlist inspired by the fortune and a song on the new album. Fans can share their fortunes or playlists across socials with the #achangeinfortune hashtag.

Get your copy of A Change In Diet HERE, and catch Elliot on the road later this year.

Twin Peaks

January 15, 2020

Twin Peaks are back with new 7″, “Cawfee” b/w “St. Vulgar St.”

Preceding their North American tour later this spring, Twin Peaks – “one of Chicago’s most essential live acts” (GQ) – present two new singles/lyric videos, “Cawfee” and “St. Vulgar St.” Following their most recent album, Lookout Low, the two tracks are available digitally today and as a limited 7” on February 14th. All profits from the 7” purchased from the band’s webstore will be donated to WIRES to support rescue efforts for wildlife impacted by the Australian bush fires.

The band recorded the tracks in their studio with Andrew Humphrey at Treehouse Records in Chicago. “St. Vulgar St.” opens with dulcet guitar and staccato percussion, and “is inspired a bit by the Martin Bell movie Streetwise,” says Clay Frankel. “Cawfee”  is introspective, and features bright keyboard and anthemic guitar. “For ‘Cawfee,’ I’d like to shout out my good buddy Andre Baptista, who helped with lyrics in a little backstage room in Milwaukee. Enjoy.”  Both accompanying lyric videos feature James Swanberg.

The accompanying lyric videos were a rather last minute idea meant to answer the question ‘is there any way for a lyric video to not be dumb?’” says Cadien Lake James. “Lyric videos are funny because they ride this weird line where if it’s too simple, say text on a screen, it’s boring, but it’s not meant to be too nice — the stakes are meant to be lower. Our friend James Swanberg is an incredible performer and a scene figure, and it occurred to us it might be funny to have him try to karaoke the songs without really knowing them. He did great!”

The “Cawfee” b/w “St. Vulgar St.” 7” is available for pre-order exclusively via the band’s webstore and Bandcamp

Elliot Moss

December 5, 2019

Elliot Moss releases “Silver + Gold,” latest single from A Change In Diet

Elliot Moss today shared the cinematic music video for his evocative, slow-burning new single “Silver + Gold,” directed by himself and Kevin Condon.  “‘Silver + Gold’ is about putting your search for happiness into a person or object,” says Moss. “Something tangible to chase after. Only to realize that in doing so, you’ve misunderstood the meaning of happiness altogether.”  The track is the third released from Moss’ forthcoming sophomore album A Change In Diet, due out January 17th, and available for pre-order over in our shop right now. Elliot will hit the road in support of the album next year. Tickets available now on his artist page